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you can also visit me on facebook: vjfiori. Some of my popular flashes are now available on youtube, my username there is hitthefloor729. I'm also on patreon! Enjoy Ep. 10

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HadoukenDude's News

Posted by HadoukenDude - September 28th, 2007

I'm having some computer problems at the moment,
what happened was this, yesterday I turned on my pc (I have a HP from 2002) and I kept hearing this weird whirring noise. it was coming from a cooling fan inside the PC. so i decided to check it out and see what the problem was. while i was testing the fan,2 of the blades accidentally broke off. I tried to see if the computer would still function,but when I turned it on the only thing that activates is the fan itself. not even the screen would turn on.

In other words, due to my inexperience with the inside of a computer, I 'm forced to put my flash projects on hold for now until I get my PC repaired. It's the first time this happens to me and I hope I don't lose any important things stored in it, mainly my current flash project: Goku vs. Superman.

I feel sorry that I let something like this happen to me. but hopefully, this problem will get solved sooner or later. Good thing I haven't started animating FSM 5 yet (I'm developing the script whenever i get the chance).

Posted by HadoukenDude - August 19th, 2007

Anybody ever see Sprite TV before? Well, a few weeks ago I received an invitation from Glassbomb to form part of the sequel, Sprite TV 2, which I accepted since I wanted to try something new for a change.

At first I wasn't very fond of collabs, but since this is NG, and this site is such a large community, I decided to lend a hand for once. Another reason I accepted this was because I had a lot of sprite ideas that I want to put to good use, yet never had the chance to develop them since I focused mostly on LoZ and MK flashes.

So far I've only made 3 short gags, which are all on my Freewebs site, but only one was accepted to be part of the project. Hopefully I'll come up with more later on.

If you want to participate in Sprite TV 2 (as an animator or voice actor) visit the forum page here.
We're mainly looking for experienced flash authors, so I think it's best if you ask TITROTU or Glassbomb for suggestions.

Posted by HadoukenDude - August 10th, 2007

For those who haven't read my posts on freewebs or myspace, I would like to inform that I'm currently working on this project: Goku Vs. Superman

What is it you ask? it's a flash about a "what if" fight with no actual plot (think "Smash Bros." people). East Vs. West, U.S.A. vs. Japan, The Man of Steel vs. The Super Saiyan, An epic battle of epic proportions.
I've been wanting to work on it for quite a while now, before I even developed my flash skills.

4 things actually helped inspire me to make this project:

1)The comparison between both characters (obviously Goku's origin was a tribute to Supes).
2)The numerous forum debates outside newgrounds about this very topic.
3)This really bad ass image of both characters fighting each other. Taken from Wizard Magazine issue #133.
4) The song "Man Made God" by In Flames

To me this is not just another sprite fight, my vision here is to create an AMV style fight based on the song I chose for the flash. "Man made god" is a very complex melodic death metal track which is a complete adrenaline rush and the fights will focus on the mood of certain parts of the song. You need to listen to this song to get an idea of how intense the fight will be.

I'm making this from a logical and neutral POV. I favor both characters equally and I want to avoid the mistake I made with my "SFVs. DBZ Budokai" Trilogy.
You will get to see it when the time is right.

Update 9/18/2007: The flash is now 80% complete and a short demo of the flash is available on youtube.

Posted by HadoukenDude - August 7th, 2007

OK, Before another random noob starts asking me "When is episode (insert number here) coming out?" I would like to get a few things out of my chest:

1. I don't give out a due date because I CAN'T GUARANTEE ONE WHILE MAKING IT!! Even if I do tell you guys a date, the flash will possibly get delayed due to life related circumstances (It happened with part 4). When i say this I refer to university exams, family stuff and other things that get in the way.

2. The voice actors that I hire for the series aren't available 24/7, THEY HAVE LIVES TOO!

3. Another reason why I usually take this long is because I do my best in developing an entertaining script, AND IT'S NOT EASY! Before animating an episode, I normally write a script which is around 4 to 6 pages long (and pick the best gags possible in the process) which is enough for a 10 to 12 minute flash.

4. Even though Flash is a fun hobby and all, I'm not making money out of it anyway. Furthermore, I'm unemployed at the moment I need cash like anyone else would these days.

5. I have 5 other family members at home who also use the same PC for their own purposes(Work, MSN, etc.), so I CAN'T work on flash every day.

6.When I do work on flash, I tend to develop other Ideas and I don't want to focus on FSM all the time.

I can give you a few more reasons, but this pretty much sums everything up about why the fuck I take so long with each episode.

look, I appreciate the support that Four swords is getting, but I wouldn't recommend pressuring an author to make another one immediately. it's like telling Shigeru Miyamoto to make a Twilight Princess sequel A MONTH after the original was released (for example).

This is why I urge most of the desperate noobs out there in Newgrounds to have PATIENCE and watch other flashes while you wait.

Learn from my Zelda Philosophy people: the longer you wait, the better the game will get. I've just started getting ideas for the 5th episode and I don't have that many yet.. Give it time to develop!

One last thing, you can ask me questions related to the series if you want, but please don't go overboard with your questions and complaints.
Don't push me to the limit, seriously.


Posted by HadoukenDude - July 30th, 2007

Over the years some of my flashes have gotten a lot of attention from other flash communities besides Newgrounds. Some sites even asked me to upload my flashes in their animation pages and I appreciate that, but recently my latest flash, Four Swords Misadventures 4, has been banned from a site known asFlash Portal.

The site hasn't given me a reason for this. Their rules normally state that if their staff likes the animation, then it'ill be posted on the site. They accepted the previous 3 episodes last year and they're not accepting part 4 now after so much fan demand? Bullshit! Whatever their reason is, it's their loss...
Looks like my fans in that site aren't going to enjoy the rest of my series.

This is one good damn reason why I prefer Newgrounds much more than any other site. Here we let the Users decide what stays and what goes and that's how things should be in a TRUE flash portal. What does everyone think of this?

Posted by HadoukenDude - July 25th, 2007

Over the years I've gotten a lot of questions based on flash, like where to get the program, how to animate sprites, how to import items, and even some who desperately ask me to teach them flash. But to be honest I'm not very good at explaining this stuff. Just because I know flash doesn't mean I can teach you guys. I just don't have the time (nor the patience) for that lately. It's not easy for me to explain it through email or messenger.

That's why I recommend visiting the Flash Tutorials Page.
It explains almost everything you need to now like:
-where to get a free trial version of flash.
-An introduction of how flash works
-animation tutorials.
-sprite Tutorials
-Game Tutorials
-Button Tutorials
and much more.

I learned a lot from some of these tutorials and and the rest was pretty much Trial and error for me.
You need to play around with the program to fully understand how it works. I know it may sound frustrating, but flash isn't easy to use the first time around.Believe me.

Posted by HadoukenDude - July 25th, 2007

I understand the popularity that is YouTube and all, but can someone give me a reason why flashes should be posted there? I still think YouTube is a site for "Videos" only, but that's just my opinion.

Don't get me wrong, I love that site too, yet I find it unfair that some fans upload my animations there and don't bother to give me credit at all. This leads to the fact that most viewers are easily confused by the person who uploaded the animation and think that the very same user made it. I've seen it happen...

The additional popularity is OK, but I want an actual reason for this. What motivates you guys to steal & post from NG & from other sites and post it on YouTube? Can't people be original for a change?

I'm not looking for the typical "...because it's cool" answer (which is very common and n00bish). All I want is a clear explanation from the users here in NG too.

I'm asking this out of curiosity.

Posted by HadoukenDude - July 20th, 2007

I'm noticing a few users lately that are leaving good reviews, yet are giving me a 0 as an overall flash score.

The constructive criticism is alright, but it also helps to VOTE properly... Logically speaking, Positive reviews with low scores aren't very helpful to the author(s).

Please include a proper score with your review, otherwise the review itself won't be appreicated.

Posted by HadoukenDude - July 20th, 2007

I will be looking for more voice actors on occasions, however, I'm normally looking for actors who are 16 or over and with some kind of experience.

I'm not going to accept 14 year old noobs who "think" they can act, yet don't know how to use an audio program or don't know how to send me their audio files (through email, DUH). I've seen this happen in the past & I don't want it to repeat itself again.

That's why I'm looking for people who DO know about this stuff. You know what I mean?

I'm not looking for anything specific, just send me your impersonations by email (Hadouken_dude1984@yahoo.com) and improvise with your own ideas. I'll later decide if you're chosen or not. It all depends on your voice.