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Posted by HadoukenDude - October 14th, 2013

For those who haven't seen this video, it explains the delay behind the project.

Like I specified in the video, I aimed for a July release and things got delayed due to many issues that got in the way. On a related note, I graduated from my university last Wednesday and I'm now a Telecommunications Engineer.

Anyway have some patience guys, the project is almost done. I'm currently waiting on Osuka to finish his part.He has been wanting to work on an idea that he's had in mind for quite a while, though over the last few months he had his hands full making CGI commercials.

I'll have things ready before the end of the year hopefully. And yes, there will be more medals.

Posted by HadoukenDude - September 9th, 2013

Originally I was looking forward to this new Superman reboot, so much hype went into it because Chrstopher Nolan, the director of "The Dark Knight" trilogy was involved in the project, as a producer and in the story'. Zack Snyder, the guy behind 300, Watchmen and the Dawn of the Dead remake to name a few is in the director's chair for this film.

then I started to see the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes which initially started off well, but then it oddly slumped to a near polrizing 56%. Out of curiosity I also went to see the film and, well... It sucked. If you guys liked it I won't argue with you, but it just didn't do it for me.

First off the "shaky cam" technique was distracing as hell. It only works during actions scenes, not during dialogue scenes.

Second, most of the acting was rather bland with a few minor exceptions from Henry Cavil (Kal-el/ Superman) and Michael Shannon (Zod) and Antje Traue (Faroa) at times. I really didn't care much for the other characters that were skimmed out through the story like Pete Ross who had largely nothing to do with the story.

Third, they altered some of the Superman mythology, like having Pa Kent choosing to die in a tornado instead of dying of a heart attack. It would have made more sense if Clark rescued his dad from the tornado and then died from a heart attack due to the shock of the current events. This scene was better seen as a personal family tragedy, not as a natural disaster in my opinion. Even the whole story between Lois and clark was altered, too much if I might add. They traditionally meet in the Daily Planet, not in Superman's Fortress of Solitude in the second act of the story. the "mild-mannered Clark Kent" concept was thrown out the window for the most part and saved for the very end, it just felt pointless to me.

Fourth, He's way too dark and serious.He was never like that as far as I know. Most of the stuff that made Superman a fun character is largely missing. People criticize Superman's campy funny moments, especially in the Richard Donner movies, but that's the whole point. Superman is the epitome of oldschool! He was created in 1933 and was known for his kid friendly inage. Then his story got rebooted in 1986, but essentially it was the same noble character only more mature. In the film he's a mopey loner and constantly questions his origins instead of just helping out more after realizing that he has the power do do so before getting the suit. he bacame a largely bland and generic superhero . There are scenes that do work, but the rest just falls kinda flat.

Fifth, The Fight scenes focus more on debris exploding and falling instead of focusing on the fighting itself. I wanted to see more fists flying and Superman rescuing people, not have metropolis turn into Ground Zero x10 (no offense of course). He's supposed to save the city without completely destroying it.

And finally that dumb joke in the end where a female sloldier smiles and says to her general that Superman's hot...I FACEPALMED!!! it's quite possibly the dumbest thing I've seen in a Superman film and I do acknowledge a lot of dumb moments in earlier films and TV adaptations, but they were at least funny.

I can go on and on ranting and nitpicking about this film. It's not the Superman I grew up with since I was 2 years old ,but maybe that's the whole point. Still, I've seen better origin stories in other adaptations. Here it just ends up being a rehashed recycled retelling of "Batman Begins". I have nothing against Chris Nolan, his films are amazing. Keep in mind that the problem is mostly Snyder here, not Nolan.

What I want to point out here is that dark and gritty stories only work for dark and gritty characters like Wolverine or Batman for example. Superman was never this dark. I've always seen him as a mature, triumphant, noble "boy scout" character (labeled by Batman) and always did things "...for Truth, Justice and the American way" (before getting rid of his American citizenship). He's an old school character that really can't shake off his campy past like Batman did over the years and a good amount of fans don't want him to change this drastically . This film shouldn't treat him like Batman! Apples and oranges people! They have their own mythologies.

Anyway if you enjoyed this movie, I won't question you. It has some good moments. But I prefer the old supeman movies(the first two) , the cartoons, even the Smallville TV show. I enjoyed them a lot more than this.

As for Ben Affleck as Batman in the "sequel"? It's the Michael Keaton effect all over again. I won't question it until I see it.

Posted by HadoukenDude - August 13th, 2013

I grew up on Dragon Ball just like most fans. Enjoyed the characters, story, the fight scenes, the humor and everything else that made DB and DBZ fun. Though I'm curious over the fact that most people hate DBGT with a passion. what do I think of it? Well, it was ok for the most part, but not as awesome as DBZ was. My main gripes with it were the inconsistencies in the story and that it was treated more of a parody of itself than the previous installments.

The reason GT started off on the wrong foot was because the cretor Akira Toriyama wanted to put the series to rest after working on the manga and the anime for 10 years straight, which can drain anyone's creativity down a lot. Of course he tried ending the series many times, most notably in the end of the Frieza saga, until he finally had his wish while finishing the Majin Boo saga. At the time he stated that he wanted to take a new step in life and work on other projects, but the problem was that fans wanted to see more of Goku and his friends, so DBGT was created as a non canon continuation of the series with the creator having very litlle to do with the show aside from character designs.

the first thing that was done wrong was Goku accidentally being turned into a child by Pilaf at the first episode of GT. From what I understand, the reason for this was that the creative team behind the show wanted to have more of a "return to roots" concept and make GT revive the things that made the old Dragon Ball series fun.

With that idea in mind, new dragon balls were introduced that apparently were spread across the universe after the wish was made and Goku, Trunks and Pan (Goku's Granddaughter) were on a mission in space to retrieve them in less than a year before the Earth explodes. Then after about 16 episodes of the "more adventure and less action concept", ratings declined because fans wanted more DBZ type action stories.

After that the series took a radical shift in tone that made it look less campy and more serious by having another alien villain, have most of their deceased villains return from hell through a portal and finish the series with the black star dragons that were created from negative energy of the old dragon balls.

Now pesonally this series could have been a lot better if they didn't choose the return to roots concept and just kept it more like DBZ. What hurt it were the inconsistent fight scenes, odd transformations, misused characters, the odd story and many plot holes (though Dragon Ball is known for is inconsistent writing at times)

As for the main cast, well Goku always had a naive personality most of the time and was essentially the same character, although a bit more laid back and childish this time round. Trunks, instead of acting like a lone wolf character similar to his father Vegeta as well as his future self in the android saga, took more of a geeky side working as a business man in capsule corp. Pan I can only describe in just 2 words: annoyingly cute. Being the bratty tomboy character raised by Videl, she still has a mixed reception among fans. Just imagine how different she could have been if she was raised by Piccolo the same way Gohan was raised, but that's just me rambling. Still I should point out that despite her annoyance most of the time, Pan does have her sweet and funny moments, especially with her grandpa Goku. It's odd to say but Pan and Goku were portrayed as if they had a sibling rivalry here, with Pan acting like the bossy older sister and Goku acting like the naive little brother when he's in his child form. It's a shame that Pan never became a Super Saiyan. Toriyama just couldn't figure out how a female SSJ would look like.

As for the rest of the cast, many were misusd, others were ignored, Krillin dies again (shocker), it was clearly poking fun at itself. One character who should have gotten more screen time was Uub. Once he fused with Fat Buu and became Majuub he could have been a much more important character than the rest of the Z warriors, but like the rest of the fighters he gets pushed aside and Goku still saves the day. after the Baby saga he ended up being another minor character, which is disappointing considering how much he was developed as a newcomer in the last episodes of DBZ

Speaking of Goku, his SSJ4 transformation, though an amazing and emotional scene, especially with the Japanese soundtrack, is very inconsistent. He has to grow his tail back as a kid, grows into the golden ape comes to his senses and turns into a saiyan-beast hybrid, though it was never explained where he got his new pants after the transformation (weird anime logic). And to make things even more confusing he turns back into his child self and doesn't require to go through all of the SSJ transformations to reach SSJ4. Vegeta's SSJ4 transformation is even more inconsistent requiring a Blutz wave machine made by Bulma which I simply consider as cheating his way to SSJ4. it must have been added at the last minute. Oddly, though the transformation is not Canon, it has been added in several DBZ fighting games.

That being said the last episode is the most memorable, Seeing Goku say farewell to most of his friends, Fusing himself with Shenron and at the end when the credits roll and they show all the memorable stuff that dragon ball went through in the last 10 years while the opening theme plays is enough to make any DBZ fan shed a tear.

Overall, the anime series is very nostalgic to me. It's a mixed bag, but I wouldn't say it's god awful. It could have done a lot more to fix all the bad stuff that happened earlier. None the less it does have it's replay value. I always find myself watching random clips of the old episodes. If you like it or not, I'll leave that up to you.

The Good:
The Japanese soundtrack
The SSJ4 transformation scene
The emotional last episode
The show's sense of humor

The Bad:
Misused charcters
Short and odd fight scenes
Ridiculous plots
Poorly developed villains
Inconsistent story and fighting techniques.

Dragon Ball GT Review: is it worth it despite it's flaws?

Posted by HadoukenDude - July 14th, 2013

This is actually the first time Osuka and I ever go to a Con, and it was a lot of fun. We decided to check it out yesterday and spent most of the day there. On a curious note, there was not one Brony in sight. I'm not kidding! The closest thing there were a couple of Furries that we encountered, but for the most part there were a lot of Anime cosplayers as well as Marvel cosplayers, Star Wars Cosplayers(Princess Leia, Boba Fett, a few storm Troopers and a Jedi) and Trekkie corner too.

There were even some fun Tournaments as well. We tried to get into the Smash Bros Brawl Tourmanents, but they were all full, way more than the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 corner. We eventually decided to play MVC 3 anyway. There was also a Naruto Fighting Game for the PS3 but I didn't recognize it.

Finally to close the Show, we got a Q&A Session With Walter Jones, aka the original Black Ranger from MMPR.
He even did a Salsa Number to close the show.
Earlier that day we even met him in person and took a Photo with him. A bit pricey, yet it was worth it. :D

I hope to return next year and maybe save up some money to buy some stuff next time.
in the mean time, here's our Photo with the Black Power Ranger!

Comicon Caracas, Venezuela 2013: Power Rangers and no Bronies.

Posted by HadoukenDude - June 16th, 2013

Personally the winner at E3 this year looks like it's Playstation, with Nintendo close behind. Xbox really messed things up with the whole used games fee. Xbox one looks like it's a DirecTV with HD Games in it. Xbox and PS 4 have no backward compatibility with their previous consoles (though the Wii u is) and that might be a slight technicality for them.

Still, there are a lot of games to look forward to:
Kingdom Hearts 3
Final Fantasy XV
another Halo Game
Another FIFA Game
Mario 3D worlds
Super Smash bros.
LoZ: A Link between Worlds

Just to name a few. so what does everyone think of E3 this year?

Posted by HadoukenDude - May 17th, 2013

These two franchises were early pioneers for their time when they made their debut on the SNES, but why has Nintendo stopped continuing these franchises? As a kid I loved F-Zero. It was really a one of a kind racing game when it was released. I wasn't that big on starfox until I got my hands on the reboot Starfox 64 which won me over with it's comic book storytelling and action sequences.

Over the years these two franchises lay dormant due to underwhelming sales of their games. There hasn't been a new F-Zero game since 2004 and Starfox hasn't released any new story elements since 2006. To make things worse, both have been largely ignored during the Wii era (aside from Smash Bros. Brawl). However Starfox is starting to show signs of revival after the N64 game was remastered for the 3DS in 2011.

Despite the underwhelming sales and mixed to positive reviews of these franchises acknowledged by Miyamoto, they do have a cult following and deserve better recognition. The question here is why weren't they doing well?

There could be many reasons. In my opinion, F-Zero's interest started to wane mainly due to players demanding more "realistic" looking racing racing games. Players these days preferred stuff like Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Project Gotham and Grand Theft Auto(though technically not a racing game) just to name a few. There aren't many futuristic arcade style racing games out there, though I could be wrong. All I see from Nintendo these days when it comes to racing games is MarioKart.

As for StarFox, it may have gotten overshadowed by other aircraft simulation games. Maybe the Star Wars games played a factor. Maybe people just got tired of 3D railshooters. Or maybe some people got tired of the use of furry characters. I really don't know. Again, this is all opinion.

All I can say is that these Franchises need to be brought back somehow. They both still have a lot of untapped potiential that need heavy emphasis on introducing new ideas to make them feel fresh again.

Out of which, I have several good ideas for both franchises that can work for future games:

I) StarFox

a) focus more on Non-linear routes (Ex: Starfox 64)
b) Co-op online multiplayer gameplay (optional)
c) customizable ships and characters
d) reduce or improve on-foot missions.

2) Story:
a) Expand James McCloud's story and keep his death a mystery
b) Make another spin off title with Falco that explains his absence during "Starfox Adventures"
c) continue the story with 4 of the 9 endings in command and branch them out as "what if" stories in the timeline.
Pigma's Revenge,
Dash makes a choice,
Starwolf returns
The Anglar Emperor

II) F-Zero

a) customize vehicles with money won in races (ex: Star wars Episode I racer)
b) introduce weapons in gameplay (ex: marioKart or Extreme-G)
c) Make the tracks longer or add more laps.
d) Lower the learning curve for the casual audience.
e) Expand the use of customizable "roller coaster" tracks.

a) expand story mode and endings and include "true" rival characters for each racer (Ex: SF IV)
b) interconnect stories and characters (Ex: Resident evil 2)
c) If all else fails, reinvent the franchise and make it like a futuristic open world game like GTA.

One final suggestion. DO NOT MERGE THESE TWO FRANCHISES TOGETHER! I mean seriously, a Starfox reference in F-Zero X? An F-zero reference in Starfox Command? um...weird...

In closing, if Nintendo does decide to make more games for both franchises, I will gladly save up to buy a Wii U. I've done the same thing in the past with the Gamecube (before realizing that the Wii was backwards compatible at the time) and Twilight Princess. There needs to be a petition for these games and deserve to be introduced to a new audience.

People want more Falcon Punches and Barrel Rolls!

Nintendo Y U No like Starfox & F-Zero?

Posted by HadoukenDude - April 21st, 2013

I found out about this a few days ago. To be honest I felt skeptical about it. On one hand I was happy to see another Zelda game out, yet on the other hand I questioned about it looking more like an enhanced remake than an actual sequel. However, last night after realizing that Eiji Anouma was behind the project too, I remembered a Skyward Sword related article that hinted about a possible Link to the Past 3D remake. I put the pieces together and came to the conclusion that it is a sequel cleverly disguised as an enhanced remake of the original game, which is a unique twist.

I doubt that Ganon and/or Agahnim will be the main antgonist(s) considering how they were both killed previously, but anything can happen. Still, I doubt Nintendo would do a rehash of the same story. They always go with the "same characters, difrerent settings" approach and direct sequels do appear once in a blue moon.

LoZ->Zelda II
Ocarina of Time->Majora's Mask
Oracle of Ages->Oracle of Seaons (or vice-versa)->Link's Awakening
Wind Waker->Phantom Hourglass->Spirit Tracks.

Also on a curious note, the "Decline of Hyrule" timeline on the Hyrule Historia Timeline actually has the most sequels out of the 3 branched timeline stories with 6 games total (now 7 Counting the ALttP sequel).

Sorry if I'm nerding out about this. I just found it interesting to share.

Overall I'm mainly interested in the story this time around. We'll just have to wait and see what else will happen.

A Link to the Past 2: Insight and Research.

Posted by HadoukenDude - April 1st, 2013

Spikedapenguin and Baldboy64 will not be voicing their characters in Four Swords Misadventures 9. The damn bastards bailed on me halfway through production and that's not cool! Now I'm forced to delay the episode until I find some last minute replacements. Send me a message if you're willing to help me out with this.

Sorry guys. This sucks. now I'm forced to delay the episode until next year...

I Posted a video about this issue. Click here to see it.

Important update: APRIL FOOLS!

Posted by HadoukenDude - March 8th, 2013

Here's the revamped intro done at the request of Kuro-chan. to visit his userpage click here originally this wasn't planned but he insisted in reworking it. The music this time is courtesy of Zelda reorchestrated

as for the episode itself, I stated that I'm aiming for a July release. I don't normally announce dates since it's difficult for me to fulfill them most of the time, but this is basically my STFU to the trolls who expected the next one to be released in 2 years. still, keep in mind that things are subject to change. It will be ready, just give it time.

Posted by HadoukenDude - February 7th, 2013

I started a new mini series called Harvest Mooned, which is simply a parody of the SNES version of Harvest Moon. It's been something I've been wanting to do for a while. Originally, I was going to work on a HM parody for a collab along with Street Fighter: fight or Fetish, but things eventually fell through and I left the collab. So eventually, I decided to reboot this idea and start fresh.

Hoodedcobra will be the voice of Jack, the main character in the game. I also used a clip from DBZ abridged for a particular gag. I gave Lanipator credit for it as well as a shout out to TeamFourStar. You'll see why. Here's a clip:

For now, this will be a youtube exclusive. Later on I'll decide to upload them here too once I have enough sketches for it. If anyone wants to chip in with voice acting or music, send me a message.
I will be making more of these, but I'll keep it short since I know fans are still waiting for Four Swords ep. 9

Til next time!