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Posted by HadoukenDude - June 21st, 2011

Hi guys. Just thought I'd keep you updated with Four Swords Misadventures 8. The episode is in pre production and is on temporary hold for various reasons.

First off, my university has kept me very busy this semester and sometimes it gets harder and harder for me to keep up each year. The good thing is that I'm really close to graduating as a Telecommunications engineer (which focuses on radio, TV telephones, internet and other related stuff. It's a Jack of all trades, just to get an idea) and I should be finished sometime next year.

Second, I'm waiting for some remaining custom sprites that I require for the episode. SSX9 is currently helping me out with this, but I still need a few more custom sprites and backgrounds that I suggested for the episode.

Third I'm waiting on Osuka to finish some original artwork for a particular scene. His artwork will make a limited appearance in this episode since he's busy developing 2 other top secret projects that have been on hold for quite a while. It's something that we co-developed, but haven't got off the ground yet, so hopefully we'll get them out sometime later this year.

Fourth, I'm thinking of adding more medals in this episode too. However, I don't want to abuse this idea too much. I'm only using it as a way to summarize FSM 8 as much as possible since it will be my longest episode yet (around 30 min.). Now, if this episode doesn't satisfy your needs, it's not my fault. Blame the spoiled noobs who demand longer episodes with less quality. The only way I can fail is by satisfying everyone, and I can't do that.

Lastly, I'm still missing voices from one of my cast members. Mainly, the VA who Voices Blue Link. He has gotten a bit problematic over the years, usually pulling a Houdini on me because he lives a busier life than mine, which is understandable. However, I just don't have the heart to replace him because he still wants to be a part of this series. I don't want to ruin the chemistry and the charm of the series, if you know what I mean. What do you guys think I should do?

On a side note, like any comedian, I've been going through a stage of depression lately due to certain events that have been happening in my life. I've been dealing with financial issues (I appreciate a Paypal donation if possible, though I doubt most would be interested) family issues (my 79 year old grandma has a concussion and currently dealing with slurred speech for the last 6 months) and personal issues (breaking up with an old GF who was my closest friend and my inspiration). It's been a very bumpy road for me these past 6 months and moving on with my life is the only choice that I have. Normally, I don't like to talk about my life publicly. I'm usually a very private person. But still, I want you guys to understand too. It's a hard life. :/

Oh well, the show must go on. Thanks for reading...

Posted by HadoukenDude - June 8th, 2011

Does anyone remember the old days with Atari, NES and SEGA when realism didn't matter and the graphics were creative and original? Over the years I've played a lot of games in my life, but what I find curious is that more and more games are striving to look more realistic ever since the 16-bit era of Video games (like Doom and MK for example), maybe even earlier than that. Though I don't mind the approach at times, I just think "realistic graphics" in gaming is being abused a lot lately, like in sport simulation games, adventure games and especially in First Person Shooter games. Now, don't get the wrong idea, I'm just saying that with realistic graphics in games, characters just start to look generic over time. Of course, this varies on the game's stories and characters.

Take "LoZ: The Wind Waker" For example. This game was initially criticized for looking "too cartoony" to most Zelda fans and even some players described it as a kiddie game, when it was intended for all audiences. Why? Because gamers were spoiled with the concept of realism in future titles and we wanted the character to grow up along with us. Now, looking back, I admit that TWW is an artistically beautiful game, though a bit easy at times since most of us adapted to OoT's control scheme. However, seeing that this game didn't sell very well, what did Nintendo do? Introduce Twilight Princess to win back their lost fan base with realistic graphics and a more mature storyline, though later they continued with Wind Waker style graphics in future DS installments.

Now with Skyward Sword, the same thing is happening again. Some players support the new artistic style inspired by impressionism, while others simply don't like how it looks expecting something more realistic and hi def. My point here is: STOP JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good variety of games every now and then, but people need to realize that realistic graphics don't always make a better game. In my opinion, there always needs to be a good balance of graphics, control, gameplay, music, and story, otherwise if you focus more on certain elements rather than the game as a whole, the game itself will be completely unbalanced.

Now all ranting aside and out of complete curiosity, what kind of Games do you prefer?

A) Games with an artistic and original appeal.
B) Games with a realistic and serious approach.
C) I don't care as long as it's fun to play.

Posted by HadoukenDude - May 1st, 2011

OK, for those who don't know what I'm talking about, Animax is a 24 hour animation channel dedicated to anime.

Before all this, In Latin America, the channel was originally known as Locomotion from 1996-2005, which had more variety in terms of animation with American cartoons for Teens and adults, foreign short films,experimental animation,Stop motion, 80s cartoons(like He-Man, G.I. JOE and G-Force), even introducing South Park to the Spanish speaking viewers. It was a great channel full of so much nostalgia.

Then around 2000-2001, the channel started showing more Teen and Adult anime series and films like Robotech, Cowboy bebop, Evangelion, Saber Marionette J and many others, including OVAs. The channel was my main source of anime back then. By the time the channel grew, it became more anime oriented and it was around 2005 that Sony bought the channel and re-branded it as Animax. Now, the channel in it's early years introduced me to other anime shows like Shin-Chan, Full Metal Alchemist, Get Backers ,Samurai X and DeathNote to name a few and I'd tune in frequently to check out the new stuff.

However, in late 2008, the channel started changing it's lineup by adding more American Programming instead, like Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 90210 and other shows from the 90s onwards....What the fuck were they thinking!? This is Animax! The channel was practically built for Anime! Where's the anime? Well sadly, the anime programming was now reduced to a late night Time slot from 1AM-6AM. A load of bullshit.

Seriously, what's the point of calling this channel Animax now when the channel hardly shows any animation? That's like saying that MTV is focusing less on Music Videos and more on Reality shows(oh wait...) or Cartoon Network showing more live action Programming (OK, another bad example...).

Well the channel clearly went downhill over the years, with viewers going as far as calling it "Gringomax" because of it's American programming and now today the channel is shutting down because of this fuck up and is being re-branded over here as another generic American channel full of old sitcoms that nobody watches.

This saddens me that a channel with so much potential was reduced to a pile of shit. Now I have no choice but to search for this stuff online until a spiritual successor of this channel decides to appear in Latin America.

RIP Animax.

RIP Animax Latin America... WTF happened to this channel?

Posted by HadoukenDude - April 1st, 2011

This is going to sound crazy, but it happened. For those who aren't aware, last month I was looking or voice actors who wanted to audition for a part in the next episode of Four Swords Misadventures 8 that I'm developing. Then randomly, out of nowhere, I got an email from Justin Bieber asking if he could be in my series.
Apparently he's a big Zelda fan too and has been a fan of my series for quite a while. It's an awesome opportunity. I already selected him for a special part in the episode! Say whatever you want about him, especially the Trolls, I don't give a damn anymore. This kid will make the next episode EPIC! Bieber=More Views=more money for me via Ad Revenue!

I seriously can't wait to have this out later this year! The fans are gonna flip out! :D

Don't believe me? Click here to read the email he sent me.

Update: It's not true guys. I would never do anything THAT crazy... It was a fun little prank though. :P

Posted by HadoukenDude - March 9th, 2011

Here's the intro I made for the next Four Swords episode. I drew it as a little experiment. I'm a bit mixed about it and I'm fully aware that I need to polish up my drawing skills, so go easy on it. I did, however, get an offer from a fan to help polish up this intro, so you'll possibly see an updated version of this in the future.

The series itself will still be done in sprites, (with some additional artwork in some parts). I might require some additional help with a few custom sprites based on certain characters that I need for the episode. if you're interested,please let me know and I'll credit you for them.

As for Voice acting, I do have 5 spots open at the moment(4 male, 1 female). Send me a demo reel at hadouken_dude1984@yahoo.com if you want
to audition.

Update 03/17: The auditions are over and the actors have been selected for the project. Thanks to everyone else who participated.

Posted by HadoukenDude - February 6th, 2011

I might as well inform people once again about Four swords Misadventures with another FAQ

Have you started working on FSM 8 yet?
I'm working on a longer script at the moment, hopefully for 3 or 4 episodes, though things can change.Once I feel that the script is ready, I'll start animating it.

How long does it usually take to make one episode?
It depends on the script and the availability of the cast working on the episode. This includes artists, co-animators and voice actors. It can vary anywhere between 6 to 17 months apparently.

Where do you get your sprites and backgrounds?
The Spriters Resource
The Shyguy Kingdom
Sprite Database

Why are the Links in your series different compared to the Manga?
Because this it's not based on the Manga. It's my loose interpretation of the FS story and its characters. I only consider the games as canon (part of the official storyline), not the mangas.

Can I voice act in your series?
I'm open to having more VAs in the series, though I require a few things.
1)You need to be 16 or older (Please don't fake your age).
2)You need a good mic and and know about audio recording programs.
3)You need to show me your VA experience. Send me a demo reel by email or in the audio portal.

When is the next one coming out?
Have I EVER answered that question before? I made that perfectly clear in the Blizzeta Screamer Medal in FSM 7.

Why is the next episode taking so long?
I'm busy with university assignments most of the time,among other things of course. In other words. I HAVE A LIFE!

Will there be more medals in the next episode?
The NG medals were a fun little addition to FSM 7. However, I haven't decided on adding more bonus material for the medals yet simply because I feel that I might run out of gags quicker that way. If I decide to use them, I'll let you guys know.

Will there be more anime references in the next one?
I might have to tone down the random anime references a bit due to complaints from users saying that ep.7 had "too many references". I'm currently working on more original gags mainly based in the Zelda Universe.

Can I help in any other way?
If you're good at making custom sprites of other Zelda characters, show me what you got. I'm also accepting Music from the audio portal this time around due to Tom Fulp strongly urging authors to do so. You can also help me out with a Paypal donation, if possible, at this this e-mail. Seriously, it would help me out a lot.

Posted by HadoukenDude - January 23rd, 2011

First off I should point out that I'm also a fan of the RE franchise and loved the original series ever since I started playing them in 2000. When I stared hearing word about RE being turned into a live action film 10 years back I was looking forward to it at the time.

Originally, according to what I read over the years, George Romero, The famous horror film director that inspired the RE frachise, was actually asked to write a script for the live action version of the game after making a "Japan only" commercial for RE2. Romero was skeptical about it at first, but later changed his mind and wrote a faithful film adaptation of RE1. Surprisingly that got rejected by CAPCOM since they wanted to take a different approach to their story and not reenact the first game.

This is probably why CAPCOM chose Paul W.S. Anderson instead. This may have been a bad move from CAPCOM at the time, but it actually turned out to be profitable having Anderson and Milla Jovovich on board in the end. It's no surprise that the main actress of the films(who plays Alice, an original character) is married to the director.

I might as well nit-Pick each one of the films. If you agree on it or not, that's fine.

Resident Evil
:Borrows minor elements from RE1 and RE2(The Licker the Mansion with an underground lab, zombie dogs, Raccoon City, escaping the lab by train, among others).

Bad:Wooden acting, Michelle Rodriguez playing the "Tomboyish army brat" character (and still does to this day...), Very little character development from the supporting cast (because Alice steals the show) .

RE: Apocalypse
: Borrows elements from RE: Code Veronica and RE3 (T-virus outbreak, Nemesis, Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, Alice emulating Claire's scene from RE:CV) and a funny GTA reference.

Bad: Most of the cast is still bland with a few exceptions here and there.No Leon Kennedy because He was"killed of", according to a newspaper report in the film. Takes place in Raccoon City During a "heat wave", though you can tell that the actors were freezing their asses off while filming the graveyard scene in Ontario.

: Referencing the Mansion from RE1 and 2 again (Claire Redfield, Wesker,Tyrant and the infected crows make appearances), most of the story somewhat deviates from the previous films and offers a different setting.Seeing More of Alice (Literally, since she was cloned several times by Umbrella

Bad: some of the good supporting characters from Apocalypse were killed off. Same Bland acting. Tyrant was killed off in a very disappointing way(No Rocket Launcher?) and Claire looked looks like a Sarah Connor ripoff.

: Referencing RE4 and 5 (mutant dogs, Superhuman Wesker, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield looks hotter, The Executioner and the Plaga infected civilians appear, the Iluminados Pendant is used )

Bad:Though acting is a little better, it's still obviously bland. 3D Slow motion effects are too gimmicky and tedious. A few plot holes. Jill Valentine appears during the Credits.

So, are they worth watching? Well I don't know about you guys, but I see the franchise as a guilty pleasure. I mean, yeah it may be bad at some parts, but overall I see it as dumb fun if you lower your expectations a bit. I guess that explains why the film franchise is the most successful film adaptation of a Video game series.

To be fair, at least Paul W.S. Anderson is trying his best at it, unlike other directors with their VG and anime adaptations these days. :/

Posted by HadoukenDude - December 28th, 2010

Ha Ha, Gotcha! December 28 is "Dia De Los Inocentes" in my country (our version of April Fools day).
No, I haven't gotten sued and hopefully things stay that way for me.

Well speaking of which, now that Tom told us not to use copyrighted music in flashes, I would like to know what songs in the audio porta would you reccomend for a flash project. I'm not fond of the audio portal at times, but I might as well play by the rules from now on since the webmaster prefers to take the "better to be safe than sorry" approch and I understand that.

I'm also thinking of developing more original content in the future. I've been thinking of making a fighting game with original characters, though I need to develop my AS skills and that itself is quite a challenge to me, especially when I'm still getting used to Flash CS4. I prefer to stick with AS 2.0 since I still don't understand AS 3.0 in that version.

As for continuing FSM, I'm working on it.Thanks to everyone for the suggestions ;)

Well, that's all for now. Happy New Year!
Let's hope 2011 will be awesome! :)

Posted by HadoukenDude - November 16th, 2010

Ok, to clarify on the people who still think that FSM 7 was the final episode of the series, it's not.

Now with that aside, I've been developing the next script for quite a while and, well, I'm hitting another roadblock again. Writer's block sucks. : ( Let's be clear here, it's never easy to keep a story fresh when you feel like you're exhausting an old formula. I do have some ideas that I'm thinking of using for the next few episodes (again, I don't know how many I'll make) and I thought I give others a chance to share their ideas that I might use for my series.

There were some occasional suggestions I've gotten over the years:
Some have suggested adding a "5th Link" to the mix (a Yellow Link). I'm not interested in that idea. the series is called FOUR SWORDS for a reason you know. Why add another Link?

Others have suggested in Bringing in Ganon to the story. Though it might happen, I just think it's too soon for that just yet. The character is usually known popping up at the end of the story most of the time and I feel that if I do add him to the story, it'll indicate that the series will end sooner.

But with that aside, what potential gags/ideas do you have for this series? Keep in mind that I might or might not use your idea, but still, it's worth asking around every once in a while. I'm just looking for input here.

Posted by HadoukenDude - October 24th, 2010

Well, first off I should mention that I've been a big fan of Linkin Park since their debut in 2000. I grew up listening to Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Once Minutes to Midnight came along, I was skeptical about it at first but decided to listen to the whole album and I found the album passable, despite some uninspiring tracks that remind me of U2 in a strange way.

Now what do I think of A Thousand Suns? Well, to get an idea of what it's about, It's a concept album that talks about a post war event. Interestingly It serves as the continuation of Minutes to Midnight, which is itsel a countdown to destruction. So in other words both are connected as a "before & after" concept about nuclear warfare and political activism.

Now, a few changes that I found noticeable in this album are:
1)The guitars are missing in some tracks and have been replaced with Keyboards and electronic effects. I guess they're trying to get rid of their distorted guitar sounds from their previous songs and trying something new.

2)Out of the overall 15 tracks, 6 of them are instrumentals/sound bytes/speeches. It wouldn't have hurt to add more MUSIC and less atmosphere you know.

3)There's less screaming from Chester, that is if you don't count the "screaming harmonics" in the background in some tracks. Blackout, The Catalyst and The Messenger are the only exceptions though. Chester himself stated that he's getting tired of screaming,which is why this contains more ballads, Similar to MTM. I don't mind it, but at times I do miss their old sound.

4)There is more rapping from Mike Shinoda ( in 3 tracks), though he prefers to sing more nowadays.

Now with all these nitpicky comments aside, is it a good album? In my opinion it's not a bad album, but definitely not their best either. That all depends on your taste in music. If you're open to listening to a new sound then you're welcome to check it out. If you still prefer their old sound, that's your call. I have learned over the years that when your favorite band decides to evolve, you have to accept change and you have to grow up along with them. In other words, despite these changes, I'm still a fan of their work and I still look forward to listening to their future albums.

Sure, you can try to convince LP to go back to their HT roots, but to quote their song "When They Come For Me" : "I'm not the same person telling you to 'forfeit the game'."