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Posted by HadoukenDude - July 25th, 2008

I figured I write this down for those those who are new to this series:

Q:What is FSM all about?
A:It's your typical Zelda parody, but focused on the four swords concept.

Q:Where did you get the Idea?

A: It all started in late 2002 when I read about the multiplayer Zelda game that was being bundled with the GBA Version of A Link To the Past. Later that year I bumped into Newgrounds and was introduced to a bunch of flashes and one of the many that caught my eye was the flash version of 8-Bit Theater. This later introduced me to the concept of webcomics and found a few based on Zelda:

-Hyrularity: An original hand drawn (yet short-lived) Zelda Universe comic loosely based on The Wind Waker)
-Zelda Comic: A sprite Webcomic loosely based on Zelda II with a few crossover characters.
After reading these webcomics I was interested in making my own webcomic based on Four swords, but that eventually became a Flash series instead because I had more experience with the program during mid 2004.

Q: Apart from flashes and webcomics, what other things influenced you to make it?
A: Apart from those things, anime has been influential for me during the last few years. South Park has been for a long time too. I sometimes picture my series to be a Zelda version of South park since the characters do and say things that's usually considered taboo in the games. I'm also influenced by sci fi, action, & fantasy movies and TV shows like Whose Line is it anyway, WWE Friends among many others.

Q:Why do the Links talk and argue most of the time?
A: I wanted to ignore the fact that Link is considered as a "silent protagonist" by many. This way, I can express each Link's personality through dialogue and voice acting instead . Let's face it, if there was no dialogue in FSM, there wouldn't be much of a script. I also wanted to give the impression that it's not always easy to work as a team.

Q:What are the personalities chosen for each link?

A:Green- Normal, brave, with the most common sense.
Red-Arrogant, Perverted, has more "bark" than "bite"
Blue-Braniac, Sarcastic, Voice of reason.
Purple-Noobish, a bit clumsy, sometimes greedy

Q:Why Does each Link have a different voice actor?

A: Fans requested different voice actors for each Link simply to tell them apart. I originally Voiced all 4 Links during he original version of ep.1 (the pilot version). It didn't turn out so well because I was new to VA back then.

Q:Who are the main voice actors and where are they from?
A: Green--Me (Venezuela)
Blue--Martin Kemp (Canada)
Red--SpikeDaPenguin (California) ep. 1-3. Richard Fincher(Canada) ep 4-present.
Purple-- Mario Simic (Sweden)
Zelda-- Rina-chan (California)
Uncle Alfon--Jon Houser (Indiana)
Vaati--Kenkaku (Michigan)

There will be some occasional extras later on.

Q: Why does Red Link Sound so different?
A: 1.Red was played by 2 different VAs during the series. I had to replace Spikedapenguin because, according to his youtube page, he signed a 2 year contract to work on the Carson Daly show. I haven't heard from him since. Richard Fincher took over For him in ep. 4

2. If you're referring to drunken Red Link in Ep.5, It was Richard's idea to give his character a slurred southern accent. This is a drunken side effect that varies depending on the person. We're just fooling around with the idea and playing along with it.

Q: Why isn't this series completely based on the FS games or the FS manga?

A: It isn't based on the manga because I came up with the idea before I realized the manga itself even existed. Plus, I don't consider the manga itself as 100% canonical to the games.
My series is loosely based on the FS games because I had very little knowledge of the game back then. I only Played the GBA version through emulation (it's very tricky though). Instead I decided to create my own world based on ALTTP sprites and backgrounds.

Q: How come I don't get most of your Jokes?
A: I'm known for adding inside jokes in this series for those people who know exactly what I'm talking about. I'm not aiming for a young audience here. I was intentionally aiming for an "Adult Swim" type of audience, in other words, users who are at least 16 or older. Think about it, this series contains profainty, drug references, alcohol references,sexual innuendo,and bad double puns that only adult zelda fans would understand.

Q: How did you get Rina Chan to play Zelda?
A:Ever since I started asking around in the NG forums one day for Voice Actors back in 2005, she was the first one that popped up and asked me if she could play Zelda. By that time I was halfway finished with episode 2 and decided to save her talents for another episode. When I started working on the script for Ep. 3, I was about to email her about it, but she emailed me first! I just couldn't say no. XD

Q:How many episodes are you going to make?
A: As many as I can,I don't have a planned amount like TV shows do. I'll keep this series going as long as I have Ideas to work with.

Q:Why do you take so long with each episode?

A: Because I have a life. Flash is simply a hobby for me. I'm not making any money out of it, not yet anyway.

Q:When is the next one coming out?
A: I don't give out release dates because I refuse to make false promises. I've discussed this many times in the past. I don't want fans to get pissed off at me over something that's beyond my control. This is why I prefer to keep it a surprise.

Q:Can I be a VA in your series?

A: I'm normally looking for experienced actors over 16 and with some knowlege about audio programs. I'm not accepting users who "think" they can act, but don't know how an audio program works. I've seen this happen a lot in the past.

I believe this sums up most of the questions based on this series. If I have anymore, I'll post them some other time.

Posted by HadoukenDude - June 28th, 2008

You know, ever since I started working on my Four Swords series, my flashes have been getting progressively longer over time. Now I'm starting to question myself about how long an episode should be. I mean, when I made ep.4 I kept getting complaints that it was "too short" when it was barely over the 10 minute mark.

After reading these comments, I decided to work on longer episodes this time around. I wrote a long 3-part story arc which is basically counts as "one huge episode". This is why part 5 was nearly 16 minutes in length. Yes, I got carried away. I was having too much fun writing all this down. HOWEVER, after releasing ep. 5, I've been getting complaints that it's "too long".

I made part 5 longer than usual because fans wanted more and I decided to give them "more", even if it meant an additional 5or 6 minutes of story. Now some users are telling me that sometimes more isn't always better. Can you people make up your freakin' minds already?

It would be of big help if you guys would tell me how long an actual episode should be. This won't affect the length of the future 2 episodes currently in development, I'm only curious to know how much time does it take me to keep a user fully entertained.

I don't know if it's either that or style over substance, in other words, focusing more on story writing instead of the length. I need a clear answer here.

What do you think?

Posted by HadoukenDude - May 29th, 2008

Has this ever happened to any other flash author?
Let's say that you posted a really great flash that got hugely popular, yet you keep getting constant questions over the material you used for it. For example: "what is that song called?", "where did you get the sprites?", "where did you get the sound effects?" etc. You get these questions a lot, yet those users don't realize that most of that stuff is explained in the ending credits. Does this ever annoy you? You're not alone.

When I make a flash I always include where to get most of this stuff in my credits, in this case:
Sprites: Shyguy Kingdom, Spriter's Resource ,roms and emulators.
SFX: findsounds.com , flashkit.com
Music: depends on what kind.I Search for it on youtube

However, I do accidentally forget to write a few things down in those credits. I'm human, I make mistakes too...

Anyway, my point is that the internet, from my POV, isn't just about downloading stuff and chatting online; it's also about *doing your own research* based on what you're looking for. If I include something in the credits of a flash, it's for a damn reason: for you people to look it up.

I explained this to a lot of new users; apparently some are just too damn lazy to look for things on their own. Some even go as far as asking me to send them stuff through e-mail. I don't mind doing that every now & then, but new users shouldn't make a habit out of it.

Looking for material to work with in flash isn't always easy. I'm aware that it's really hard sometimes to actually look for something you really want, I've been through that too. However, if you know what you're looking for and where to look for it (through search engines and other sites), you'll realize that it's much more rewarding this way.
People need to keep that in mind. There's no need to depend on just one source.

If you're interested in something you saw in a flash, read the credits and do your own research. If the author missed a little detail about something that wasn't included the author's credits, THAT'S when you're supposed to let the author know about it.

Doing research is one way to understand how the internet works. You guys understand what I'm saying?

Of course, one last thing: always visit reliable sources. Otherwise you might accidentally download spyware, trojans and other viruses if you visit the wrong places.

Just watch where you're going and be careful with that.

Posted by HadoukenDude - May 3rd, 2008

Episode 5 is out now! What are you waiting for? Go watch it. I didn't waste 5 months busting my ass on this for nothing you know.

The next Part of the story arc will focus more on Red,Green the King of Hyrule, Zelda, Vaati and Dark Link.
That won't be ready for quite a while though.

I'm not revealing a date yet. It's WAY TOO SOON for that,so don't bother asking.

Posted by HadoukenDude - April 13th, 2008

NOTE: Before I start this topic, I would like to say that the earlier post was an April Fools joke. I was just having a little fun with you guys, yet I found it amusing that some of you would take this stuff seriously,and on April 1st. Relax people, there will be a Four Swords 5 real soon.

Now about today's topic:

Ever since Four Swords started getting popular, I always get the infamous question:"When is episode ___ coming out?" I understand that users are getting hyped over what could happen next, but I prefer not to reveal due dates. Why you ask? I don't want to look bad making false promises. I prefer to work on my stuff until I feel that a flash is ready. Also, I want to keep it as a surprise by posting it when you least expect it.

Take FSM ep.4 for example. At first I thought it would be OK to at least let people know that I'll post the flash in a certain month (I let people know on youtube about it). But for me, things don't always go as planned. I'll give you 2 reasons why.

1. I'm not on the computer all the time.
2. The voice actors that work with me aren't available everyday.

When I give users a due date and don't fulfill it, I'll make people mad at me for something that's completely beyond my control. I don't want that.

Remember guys, you're dealing with a small group of people in a series who are dedicating what they have left of their free time to come up with something new. Most users here don't have their own animation studios, we aren't working round the clock to get things done, we aren't exactly getting paid to make this stuff (not counting the monthly contests) and lastly, Newgrounds is not exactly your typical Cable TV station, it's a freakin' website.

Things work differently here compared to what you see on TV. Flash authors only make their stuff for fun when they get their ideas sorted out. I know some of you get desperate for the next episode all the time. Some are crazy enough to give out death threats like "make another one or I'll kill you" (true story). But in the end, you need to give a person time, we have lives too you know. If we rush things, we know exactly who to blame.

Anyway, my point is, why bother to give out a due date when the NG private messaging system will automatically inform you that your favorite author just posted a new flash? Simply live your own life and wait for that message to arrive. When you get the message (or notice the flash in the portal), that's when you should stop asking and watch the damn thing.

Chill people, you'll see the next part soon. it's not like I make a new flash every week you know.

Well, that's pretty much it.

Posted by HadoukenDude - April 1st, 2008

I just don't know what else to say, I lost my inspirtion and I'm pretty much bored with flash now. it wasn't as fun as before. Just thought I give you guys one last message before I leave newgrounds for good. click here to read it.

Posted by HadoukenDude - March 7th, 2008

For those who weren't aware of this, My 4 swords Links made a little cameo a few years back in A mortal Kombat flash that has been animated and recently reposted by a personal friend of mine, Rachel Yates.

Originally,due to a bug in the animation (she's still a bit new to flash ) not many people got to see the actual ending since the screen froze before the flash even got to it. Now, finally , the bug has been fixed
and viewers can see the flash how it was originally supposed to be. The flash is quie random though, just a little warning.

Keep in mind that this flash was originally posted in 2006, before SpikeDaPenguin left the series to pursue his own personal goals. It'll be his decision to return as Red Link though...
Plus, it was made before episode 3, so this included a broken magic mirror gag.

I posted a picture below as proof. Enjoy.

Not much of an announcement,but still...

Posted by HadoukenDude - February 16th, 2008

It took 6 months, longer than expected, but it's finally here! Sprite TV 2. My first collab.
Just to let you guys know, I collaborated in 2 animations and voiced a special scene at the end of the flash for Osuka who took over for Glassbomb a while back.

Mine are as follows:
1st. NBA Jam
2nd. Captain falcon in SSB:Brawl
3rd. A little MGS parody at the end where I voiced both characters (using audacity)

So vote and enjoy!

As for 4 swords, I just started animating the first of a 3 episode project. There will be a lot of random things to expect here, like emo jokes, internet memes, Naruto Bashing (Believe it!) and much more.

When will it be out? I can't say, seriously...
It takes a lot of time to put all this stuff together. So be patient, I already explained this before.

Posted by HadoukenDude - December 28th, 2007

Hi again. Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. Even though the new year is just a few days away, I felt like wishing the NG community a happy new year.

I know it hasn't been a very productive year for me when it comes to flash. This year I was busy studying, had gone through a bit of writer's block and now my PC broke down when I was attempting to repair it (apparently I need to replace my PC's motherboard too). The only computer I'm using right now is my dad's laptop and this means that I might have to start from scratch, that is, if my dad doesn't mind me installing Flash in his computer. My Goku vs. Superman project has now been put on hold indefinitely until I see if i get My PC running again.

As for future Four Swords Misadventures, the script is still in progress, and it's gonna be longer this time since I'll be including story arcs. Animating it, however, will be a problem because I had a huge collection of sprites, sfx and music in my old computer and now I need to search for that stuff all over again. I know sites that have a good collection of sprites and music, yet there will be some sprites and sfx that are going to be hard to find. Still, I will find a way to get the next part ready for you guys, just bare with me here.

Again, Happy New Year everyone and let's hope for the best!

Posted by HadoukenDude - November 18th, 2007

OK, this might seem like a random rant, but it seems very common these days.

I'm noticing that most users here (as well as in youtube and other sites) are pretending to be older when they're really not.

for example: a new user asks me if he or she can be a part of a flash project. Most of the time when this happens, I check their user pages just to see who they are, what they've made, what are their favorite flashes, and finally they say that they're over 18. However, I later find a random quote of the same user saying: "actually I'm 11, LOL".
This annoys me sometimes...

I understand that the internet is full of underage noobs these days and that boys will be boys, but I prefer to meet honest people (preferably 16 or older) who at least know something about flash or audio programs.

When I talked about this topic on youtube (in a bulletin), the 2 main answers here were:

1. I did it to watch/ upload adult videos.
2. I did it to keep away from pedophiles/ stalkers/ bullies.

in conclusion I realized that the whole thing is a double edged sword:
If you tell the truth--you gain friends, yet possibly get stalked/bullied by unknown users.
If you fake your age--you lose bullies/stalkers, yet lose somebody's trust by looking more like a noob.

Normally I encourage most of you guys to be honest and all, even though it's hard to do that when danger lurks almost everywhere these days.

But when it comes to Newgrounds, is it really necessary to pretend to be older? If you don't trust NG, you shouldn't be here in the first place...but that's just me.