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Aside from cnn you could try rt.com and aljazeera.com for mainstream reports.

If you don't mind conspiracy sources there's rense.com, infowars.com and davidicke.com.

When there's an inheritance one gets to know their family members, when there's a war or an uprising one gets to know their journalists.

Stay safe and may the gods preserve you.

Espero que todo se resuelva pronto y se encuentre una solucion pacifica,siempre es el pueblo el que termina pagando el costo de la corrupcion y la mala administracion del gobierno de turno.Saludos desde argentina amigo.

As someone who grew up in a place which has been suffering through this kind of tension and more over the last four decades.... I am with you. My prayers will be with you and the folks on your end.

Also know that you did a very courageous thing, telling us about what's going on when hardly anyone else dares open their mouths on the matter. Kudos.

Thank you. I didn't want to alarm my fans over this, but sometimes it's best to report it than to keep quiet.

Good luck out there HadoukenDude. Stay safe.

oh man, keep safe hadoukendude.

Dude, that's horrible, I hope you stay safe man!

De todo corazón, espero y la situación en tu país mejore de forma rápida.
La ventaja que tienen es que tu pueblo no se queda con los brazos cruzados ante semejantes atropellos, la desventaja es que la corrupción, manipulación y violencia esta cobrando muchas victimas.
Ruego por que lleguen a una situación pacifica y que todo cambie en favor para ustedes.
Cuídate mucho amigo.
Saludos desde México

All my thoughts and prayers go to you guys right now!

Stay safe!

Never knew you were from Venezuela...geez, must be a really horrible experience with what's going on there.

Well, hopefully everything will settle down after a while.

Be careful man. I hope you and your loved ones make it through this alright.

My best wishes to you and all of your families, my friend.

Still is war in Venezuela?

It's more like a civil unrest. Like the Arab Spring.

Hadokendude stay strong man look at the bright side at least your country is doing something about the issue in their country. We got Obama and the United Sheeple of Asslickers. So at least your people are willing to fight for their freedoms ours are just so brainwashed i'm shocked they still remember to flush and wipe. One way or another the situation will resolve, the only unknown factor is which side will come out on top. Stay strong and keep loyal to friends and family and they will see you through. May the Moon Goddess watch over you and keep you safe.

Nasty if is war in Venezuela. It's bad.
I hope that Episode 9 will be on NG at the summer. :)

Anyway I hate God.
All hail Satan

Stay strong and endure as much as you can. Cause the bad times don't last for very long.