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you can also visit me on facebook: vjfiori. Some of my popular flashes are now available on youtube, my username there is hitthefloor729. I'm also on patreon! Enjoy Ep. 10

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Caracas, Venezuela

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Man, that's rough! Big fan of FSM, Wish you luck and sorry about the computer troubles! x_x


a mac is a pc too.

Yes I know. all I'm saying is that all computers crash eventually.

Great to hear from you again! I'm sure I'm not the only one who was worried, with the unrest and all. Sorry about your computers; hope everything turns out well. I'm looking forward to 4SM 9, whenever it comes out.

That really bites both your computers fell apart and like a snap between two fingers, I'm certain you'll be able to finish your projects, just stay safe out their and if things within Venezuela go from bad to worse, I deeply suggest to relocate if all possible.

I also have an Acer too!

I feel your pain. My FAVORITE computer was used by, someone in my family, and they fucked my computer up with shit and viruses. It horrible. Now it is so bad the mouse wont move now, even though it is pluged into the computer. Holy fuck.

Love your Four Sword Misadventures work. and its great to see you're planning for the Four Swords Misadventures 10, hope you upload the Newgrounds version of Four Swords Misadventures 9 soon.

And they said that Macs are better than PCs...

When will be 4SM9 released on NG?

When I get the remaining bits for the episode. I've been asking Osuka about it for months. He has no internet at home at the moment. We've been trying to figure out when to meet up so he can send me the files in a flash drive, but due to the current issues in the streets over here as well as other events that got in the way, we've been unable to.

I'm not uploading an unfinished project here until I have everything ready.

We'll here to support dude.

good luck breh, we miss you. and DID Rainbow Link.

Still is war in Venezuela?
Are you start now on Episode 10?

Any luck yet? It's been a few months since this update...

Anyway, I hope you can submit FSM9 soon and give us an update on 10.

And if we don't hear anything from HadoukenDude for long should things go from bad to worse in Venezuela that alone points out that HadoukenDude needs to relocate elsewhere if all possible.

As for things going downhill back in Venezuela points out how immature their government is, why do people think there's corruption going on within the Venezuelan Goverment??? That's very simple, the Government within Venezuela is very immature about various things, I care NOT how old the officials are when it comes to the positions they put themselves in, I care about how MATURE the officials are when it comes to the positions they put themselves into.

That being said, the very governments that are known to be very corrupt need to be more mature and more in peace with themselves, failure to do so will result corruption not to mention war among themselves...

Just a heads up guys. I'm still Alive and well.

Thanks for your support and sorry about this hiatus.

When is released FSM 9?