about the future Four Swords episodes

2007-08-07 01:19:06 by HadoukenDude

OK, Before another random noob starts asking me "When is episode (insert number here) coming out?" I would like to get a few things out of my chest:

1. I don't give out a due date because I CAN'T GUARANTEE ONE WHILE MAKING IT!! Even if I do tell you guys a date, the flash will possibly get delayed due to life related circumstances (It happened with part 4). When i say this I refer to university exams, family stuff and other things that get in the way.

2. The voice actors that I hire for the series aren't available 24/7, THEY HAVE LIVES TOO!

3. Another reason why I usually take this long is because I do my best in developing an entertaining script, AND IT'S NOT EASY! Before animating an episode, I normally write a script which is around 4 to 6 pages long (and pick the best gags possible in the process) which is enough for a 10 to 12 minute flash.

4. Even though Flash is a fun hobby and all, I'm not making money out of it anyway. Furthermore, I'm unemployed at the moment I need cash like anyone else would these days.

5. I have 5 other family members at home who also use the same PC for their own purposes(Work, MSN, etc.), so I CAN'T work on flash every day.

6.When I do work on flash, I tend to develop other Ideas and I don't want to focus on FSM all the time.

I can give you a few more reasons, but this pretty much sums everything up about why the fuck I take so long with each episode.

look, I appreciate the support that Four swords is getting, but I wouldn't recommend pressuring an author to make another one immediately. it's like telling Shigeru Miyamoto to make a Twilight Princess sequel A MONTH after the original was released (for example).

This is why I urge most of the desperate noobs out there in Newgrounds to have PATIENCE and watch other flashes while you wait.

Learn from my Zelda Philosophy people: the longer you wait, the better the game will get. I've just started getting ideas for the 5th episode and I don't have that many yet.. Give it time to develop!

One last thing, you can ask me questions related to the series if you want, but please don't go overboard with your questions and complaints.
Don't push me to the limit, seriously.



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2007-08-07 13:18:01

I love your 4 swords Misadventures series and MK mishaps, hope you make more of them soon... I also saw the youtube exclusive MK/WWE shorts, I'd like to see more of those...


2007-08-10 23:43:11

thanks for you comment man, and I can''t agree more with you about due dates. Never make one up or you'll be hounded!

HadoukenDude responds:

It's a good thing I'm not the only one who goes through this situation. Thanks for your comment and good luck with your "LoZ: A Link to Chaos" flash.


2007-08-14 00:16:04

yyyyyyeah..... sorry about asking that that. I was i was to exsided about number 5 I had 2 ask u


2007-08-28 13:04:42

I can under stand. I don't have flashes, but I know projects take a long time to do. I love the series, but I'll wait however long we have to for another.


2007-09-04 16:51:25

I understand, man. The same goes for many other cult Flash/whatever series like Naruto: The Abridged Series. You can never guarentee a release date, unlike the pros, because, unlike them, you don't get paid for it and you don't work on it full time. But keep it up, man. You're really good at this, and if you get good enough, you could submit all this to GameTap and make money. Just my idea, though.


2007-09-15 23:44:17

sounds like you're almost to the limit already. don't rush and make a crappy flash because impatient idiots rushing you. we can wait for something this good.

HadoukenDude responds:

I know the post does seem rather harsh, but as the saying goes: The truth hurts. I'm not going to rush things and make a crappy flash, I prefer to take my time with what I do, even if it does seem like it takes forever to get things done.

Most fans are just Noobs who don't really know about flash,but still, they need to know how it's like to be in an author's shoes when a topic like this gets brought up. It's the only way.


2007-09-24 16:44:52

You are so totally right!! Even though I've never done anything in flash before, I do understand it takes a lot of time.
Keep focusing on the quality... You rule...
(btw, if the side quest is taking 2weeks/5months... you got a great excuse on that one as well ;)


2007-10-01 19:39:56

well i totaly agree with you, but i have one question... wtf is a noob? i here alot of geeks saying it (no offence) and i get confused, plz answer bak man

HadoukenDude responds:

According to Wikipdia: "Newbie (or noob) is a slang term for a newcomer to online gaming or an Internet activity. It can also be used for any other activity in whose context a somewhat clueless newcomer could exist. It can have derogatory connotations, but is also often used for descriptive purposes only, without a value judgement."

In other words, it refers to new users like you (no offense) who have no idea what's going on in an internet community.
Hope you get the message.


2007-10-27 16:34:16

Hey man I know u never heard about me and probably never will but I've been in newgrounds for about 4 to 5 years (I am guessin but still pretty long time) I know it takes a really long time to do sprites and I also know that is not easy to create easy but if u want I can help just tell me what u have by now and I will come up with somthing to help with believe me I have done it before(though I never get credit for itbut still I like helping) and it turns out great so just send me a message and I'll be happy to help


2007-11-08 21:52:49

The series is doing pretty good. Cant wait til the next one comes out. I could imagine you have quite the list of romani magic milk jokes written :P

good luck with your college btw.


2007-11-18 21:42:31

Yo, man.Don't sweat it.People are just REALLY excited.Like the philosophy says:the longer you wait, the better the game will get. Just take your time, people (well some of them :P)can wait.Good luck on the series, and whatever you have planned!Love your series, man!Keep it cool and good luck!



2007-12-24 11:26:38

well I dont want a due date---surprises are a god thing--- but i really cant wait for numba 5.


2007-12-25 14:20:35

When is episode 5 out?please


2007-12-25 22:04:06

| hes retarded


2007-12-25 22:04:27

not me the guy above me


2007-12-31 21:01:29

when comes episode 5 out?


2007-12-31 21:01:56

wooops delete me last comment


2008-01-02 14:36:03

Mabe you could point out something for me? What program do you use for your flash movies (FSM) and how do I get said program? I already have Adobe 8 I just need the flash program to use.


2008-02-16 21:48:38

I,unlike most half-noobs,have patience,take 1 year,take 2 years,i don't give a flying fuck,as long as it does get completed


2008-02-17 14:22:25

Hadoukendude, Your animations are like the best. These like should be on TV (but they would have to be much loooonger, dammit)

Im sure to handle the idiots pushing you to m ake more, i think i can get you a discount shotgun from ebay. (joking)

But god you gonna be making loads since theres 10 bosses unless you skip some, Im behind you all the way with this movie thing. Can i ask will any episodes have any sex in them? Im just wondering because it seems that weird pedo who kidnapped Zelda is getting close to her. Or i might just be too hyper for my own good. Well done for making a great series!


2008-02-29 18:23:55

hey the series is great, i have an idea, u probaly wont try it, but why dont u ask ng ppl to give u idea, for example, random battles like on a lot of games, which pisses them off, so they try to find out how to stop it."i know this iant a good example, but it would help, u never know on how peoples ideas are, just think about this, also, respond plz to tell me on how this works out.


2008-03-06 07:59:57

Well,as far as this goes,i think the earlier it's out,the crappier it gets,dudes like you should take as much time as you can to make the hilarious videos as your previous ones.So I can still wait and waiting.Fans like me may be demanding but I understand your situation here and I'm be happy to wait.More time,more jokes,more entertainment.More LMAO


2008-05-04 21:48:37

Man, I always think of that philosophy(The longer you wait, the better it will be) when something gets delayed!


2008-08-11 05:32:15

i agree dude
you shouldnt rush it because of noobs pressuring you
i have used flash and i know how tricky it is to make something this good. everyone who rushes you should try using flash and then they should leave you alone with "when is the next episode coming out"

btw, dont ask how my attempt went, as even though i found some cool things to do, it didnt go well

keep up the good work, and maybe make some more MK ones as those are so funny


2012-03-25 01:45:37

I mostly agree with what you're saying. The only exception is the last statement. My counter-argument with be but three words, Duke Nukem: Forever.