My thoughts on The Dark Knight trilogy *Spoiler Alert*

2012-08-29 13:48:25 by HadoukenDude

Well, after seeing Chis Nolan's take on The Batman mythology I do have to say that it had its initial bumps in the road but overall it was worth it. I initially rejected Batman Begins back in 2005 becuase of the little details in comparison to Tim Burton's Batman like The Scarecrow not feeling like a very convincing villain and the fact that the batmobile was a tank-like vehicle (better known as The Tumbler), but over the years the movie grew on me and I liked the backstory of Bruce Wayne's origins as a ninja to better fit The Batman character appearing from the darkness, that and the additional plot twist that Ra's Al Ghul, his mentor, later became a villain.

Tim Burton's Batman was popula because of its dark visual style and a dramatic musical score made by Danny Elfman. In comparison, when Batman was rebooted by Chris Nolan, its mythology was expanded even further, not just making it dark visually, but emotionally. As for the musical score by Hanz Zimmer, it's much more suspenseful in comprison to Elfman's theme, but at times it isn't as memorable like Elfman's theme which was later used for the 90's animated series.

When I saw the Dark Knight, I was completely blown away. Heath Ledger's version of the Joker was for the most part disturbing but there were times where you simpathized with the character. He loved getting away with murder,wreaking havoc in gotham city and not giving a crap about the consequences. As for Christian Bale's take on Batman, he was more emotionally disturbed and constantly carried that burden over the death of his parents in the first film. In the 2nd film Bruce dealt with bigger issues that lead to the deaths of his childhood friend Rachel Dawes and the Attorney Harvey Dent.

After seeing the Dark Knight Rises, I overall enjoyed the film, despite it having several unexplained plot holes at times like how Batman was locked up in a pit located in the middle of nowhere and he was able to return to Gotham city which was completely isolated when Bane destroyed all access to the area. How did he do it? BECAUSE HE'S BATMAN!

In this film, Bruce has been living as a hermit in his mansion for 8 years with a broken leg and Wayne enterprises went bankrupt. Bane was more of a psychological menace to the people of Gotham City, but he's nothing compared to The Joker. As for Catwoman, she was portrayed as a cat burglar this time and even showed to be more human when she worked with and even betrayed Batman. The ending felt a bit cheesy, but it was also a fitting conclusion to the trilogy, seeing that Bruce decided to Sacrifice his Batman alter ego and start anew with a different identity accompanied by Selina Kyle (Catwoman). What was even more interesting was that it even hinted at a possible (though unlikely) spin-off with the new John Blake Character being Robin after finding the bat cave.

overall, like I said before, The trilogy is worth it and, all plot holes aside, The Dark Knight Rises is a fitting conclusion to the story.


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2012-08-29 20:01:06

You gotta watch this! XD

HadoukenDude responds:

I've seen it. It's hilarious!


2012-08-30 09:34:27

I haven't seen Rises yet, I hope its good.


2012-08-31 09:55:20

every movie is not perfect. You will always going to find something to complain. Is better to enjoy things and not spend the time complaining about everything.

I need to see this movie