Nintendo Y U No like Starfox & F-Zero?

2013-05-17 12:56:37 by HadoukenDude

These two franchises were early pioneers for their time when they made their debut on the SNES, but why has Nintendo stopped continuing these franchises? As a kid I loved F-Zero. It was really a one of a kind racing game when it was released. I wasn't that big on starfox until I got my hands on the reboot Starfox 64 which won me over with it's comic book storytelling and action sequences.

Over the years these two franchises lay dormant due to underwhelming sales of their games. There hasn't been a new F-Zero game since 2004 and Starfox hasn't released any new story elements since 2006. To make things worse, both have been largely ignored during the Wii era (aside from Smash Bros. Brawl). However Starfox is starting to show signs of revival after the N64 game was remastered for the 3DS in 2011.

Despite the underwhelming sales and mixed to positive reviews of these franchises acknowledged by Miyamoto, they do have a cult following and deserve better recognition. The question here is why weren't they doing well?

There could be many reasons. In my opinion, F-Zero's interest started to wane mainly due to players demanding more "realistic" looking racing racing games. Players these days preferred stuff like Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Project Gotham and Grand Theft Auto(though technically not a racing game) just to name a few. There aren't many futuristic arcade style racing games out there, though I could be wrong. All I see from Nintendo these days when it comes to racing games is MarioKart.

As for StarFox, it may have gotten overshadowed by other aircraft simulation games. Maybe the Star Wars games played a factor. Maybe people just got tired of 3D railshooters. Or maybe some people got tired of the use of furry characters. I really don't know. Again, this is all opinion.

All I can say is that these Franchises need to be brought back somehow. They both still have a lot of untapped potiential that need heavy emphasis on introducing new ideas to make them feel fresh again.

Out of which, I have several good ideas for both franchises that can work for future games:

I) StarFox

a) focus more on Non-linear routes (Ex: Starfox 64)
b) Co-op online multiplayer gameplay (optional)
c) customizable ships and characters
d) reduce or improve on-foot missions.

2) Story:
a) Expand James McCloud's story and keep his death a mystery
b) Make another spin off title with Falco that explains his absence during "Starfox Adventures"
c) continue the story with 4 of the 9 endings in command and branch them out as "what if" stories in the timeline.
Pigma's Revenge,
Dash makes a choice,
Starwolf returns
The Anglar Emperor

II) F-Zero

a) customize vehicles with money won in races (ex: Star wars Episode I racer)
b) introduce weapons in gameplay (ex: marioKart or Extreme-G)
c) Make the tracks longer or add more laps.
d) Lower the learning curve for the casual audience.
e) Expand the use of customizable "roller coaster" tracks.

a) expand story mode and endings and include "true" rival characters for each racer (Ex: SF IV)
b) interconnect stories and characters (Ex: Resident evil 2)
c) If all else fails, reinvent the franchise and make it like a futuristic open world game like GTA.

One final suggestion. DO NOT MERGE THESE TWO FRANCHISES TOGETHER! I mean seriously, a Starfox reference in F-Zero X? An F-zero reference in Starfox Command? um...weird...

In closing, if Nintendo does decide to make more games for both franchises, I will gladly save up to buy a Wii U. I've done the same thing in the past with the Gamecube (before realizing that the Wii was backwards compatible at the time) and Twilight Princess. There needs to be a petition for these games and deserve to be introduced to a new audience.

People want more Falcon Punches and Barrel Rolls!

Nintendo Y U No like Starfox & F-Zero?


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2013-05-17 14:03:28

Completely agree with you. Nintendo has a weird way of dealing with franchises that aren't Zelda or Mario and with games like Kid Icarus being forgotten for YEARS, I wouldn't expect them to do anything...


2013-05-17 15:28:45

Agreed. Star Fox really needs to be brought back, and not just with Star Fox Command's gameplay- it was crappy. I think they should have just kept the formula of Star Fox 64, except with more routes and other stuff. Also, F-Zero is the second best racing game I have ever played, after Mario Kart. I like the replay value and fast-paced action. And I am one of those people who prefers unrealistic games, so it appeals to me. Both of these series should be returned, or at least make another series with ties to them.


2013-05-17 17:20:46

I agreed with you. These two franquises are incredible and also has lots of potential.
The truth I do not know why not develop some of these franchised games for wii if these are very good franquises.


2013-05-17 18:25:19

I have to agree with you on Star Fox and F-Zero being brought back, especially considering what Taito did with Darius with Darius Burst: Another Chronicle. In addition, I'm tired of homogeneous "realism" in video games, which I can blame Half-Life, Halo, GTA, and various other bad trends. Oh, and one more thing: NG ought to consider making new games for old systems. (Look up GunLord for Neo Geo and Dreamcast and you'll see what I mean.)


2013-05-17 19:42:16

Star Fox was the reason I wanted a N64, and is still one of the best games I ever played, F-Zero was really exciting too

(Updated ) HadoukenDude responds:

I had starfox 64 since it came out in 97. It was a big deal when I was in school at the time and met many friends thanks to the game. I have F-zero X too. I bought my own copy 2 years ago just for the hell of it.

I'm still hunting down Starfox Assault and F-Zero GX for the Gamecube.


2013-05-17 22:41:05

Im sure all those Emo Endings from the StarFox Command on the DS didnt help matters any. but I do miss starfox, and I never played assault :(


2013-05-18 02:25:13

Yeah Nintendo giving up on Star Fox is just another one of their recent failures in a long string of recent failures. I have plans to make a Star Fox game in flash for Newgrounds but I've pushed to back till next year.


2013-05-18 02:51:43

Yeah. I miss the Star Fox series. Can't say I ever played F-zero. This reminds of a lot of the complaints about the Megaman series not getting any love anymore. I just think Video Game companies are rolling in too much cash to care about anyone else's wants or desires.


2013-05-18 20:57:44

StarFox64, Adventures, and Assault. F-zeroX and GX. All of these games were some of my favorites back in the day. I'd be lying if I said I haven't sunk at least 300-400 gameplay hours between all of them combined. I still play SF64 on occasion, with Adventures standing as my favorite non-Zelda adventure game on the GCN. FZX and GX, while wicked hard, were both much loved here and probably both were major contributing factors in my increased love of motorsports (especially auto-racing) today. Every year since Assault and GX I've been waiting for a true console sequel for these games.

And with Nintendo recently telling several die-hard fans that they can go f*ck themselves, I don't know if I'll even be willing to buy the product anymore.


2013-05-19 01:24:40

Grand Theft Zero X, sounds pretty legit to me.

Seriously, though. An open-world F-Zero game would be awesome. You could play Captain Falcon investigating some kind of foul play in the F-Zero tournaments, all the while racing to maintain your status as the best racer in the galaxy. I think the idea of moving F-Zero away from being categorized as a "futuristic racing game" and recategorizing it as a "futuristic noir epic with racing elements" might be exactly what the franchise needs. Kind of a Deus Ex meets... well... F-Zero.


2013-05-19 18:14:02

F-Zero GX made me feel like a badass. Probably still would except now it'd run me through in less than a minute. That experience would be a console seller for me.


2013-05-19 22:07:35

While I love Starfox to death (Don't play F0 so I cant really speak for it) I'd rather the series stay dead then see it revived and destroyed like so many of our favorite games have been as of late.

(Updated ) HadoukenDude responds:

That usually happens when a game's development falls into the wrong hands. But when it's in the right hands, it can revive a franchise, if not a whole genre. It has happened with other games in the past.


2013-05-23 07:36:18

i believe it is time for starfox and f-zero to come back i loved every game of the series and still do i play them all the time and never get bored ofem i own every single one it is time they came back

(Updated ) HadoukenDude responds:

I got myself a copy of Starfox Adventures and recently Assault, out of respect for the franchise.
I'm still hunting down F-Zero GX . I plan on buying it too in the near future.


2013-05-25 18:35:40

YES THEY NEED TO COME BACK!.......But please......If they ever make another Starfox game that will be on the 3DS....DON'T PUT SF COMMAND BULL IN THE GAME,PLEASE! I hated that game cause it was so stupid!


2013-06-17 09:15:09

Starfox is partially because of Rare that's all I remember.