Four Swords 9 update.

2013-10-14 12:38:37 by HadoukenDude

For those who haven't seen this video, it explains the delay behind the project.

Like I specified in the video, I aimed for a July release and things got delayed due to many issues that got in the way. On a related note, I graduated from my university last Wednesday and I'm now a Telecommunications Engineer.

Anyway have some patience guys, the project is almost done. I'm currently waiting on Osuka to finish his part.He has been wanting to work on an idea that he's had in mind for quite a while, though over the last few months he had his hands full making CGI commercials.

I'll have things ready before the end of the year hopefully. And yes, there will be more medals.


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2013-10-14 13:41:47

As long as this series keeps going,, I'll be happy. I don't care how long it takes :D


2013-10-19 12:21:08

Take your time doing the animation. Like you said it's fan made and there are things in life that can delay you from doing certain things. I think that you should complete the entire animation completely before releasing it and not just listen to what other people say. After all you're the one who's creating it along with the other animators. I hope that this series continues and that you and your crew do it at your own pace, not what others demand.


2013-10-20 23:10:43

Nice to hear the update! As long as progress is made, I'm happy. Totally looking forward to 4SM 9, no matter how long it takes.


2013-10-20 23:17:22

Congratulations from graduating! : ) Glad to also see you're still working on this series. I've been a fan since the first episode was released, and still find them all hilarious.


2013-10-22 05:12:08

oh good to hear, glad to have some insight on what's been going on


2013-10-30 16:17:45

Oh man I didn't even know this series was still going! Dude that is rad. Tell you the truth, I discovered it when I was 8 years old, waaay back in 2004. Man this TLOZ FS series kept me going man, not that I had a bad life or anything but I didn't really have any friends (at the time) and now... well, it helped. Y'know? Shit, I need to catch up. Good work man, keep at it, it's badass. Ciao.


2013-11-09 23:35:31

We're rooting for you, buddy! Keep it going! :)