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Four Swords Misadventures 9

Posted by HadoukenDude - December 24th, 2013

An early Christmas gift. Here's the episode.




I know you guys must be wondering why I haven't uploaded the episode in the NG portal, well, that's because I'm still waiting on a few more things to be completed, mainly some medals and the ending credits. Due to several issues, it's still not 100%, so I decided to just upload the episode as it is just to satisfy the fans who are in it for the story alone. There will be a more completed version with a lot of bonus content coming soon once I get everything together.


I hated to rush this, but I had no choice. I might make some sacrifices in the next episode since people just don't care about quality these days. But we'll see.


in the mean time, enjoy it on youtube and I'll have a NG version up ASAP.


Merry Christmas!



Comments (9)

Nice one! Merry Christmas.

Well, done, sir! Once again, I got several laughs out of this episode, and I hope you keep this up!

I for one always like quality but its honestly your choice either way it was a nice one.


Make them do the Water Temple

I actually watched this and it is awesome! I care about quality,but I can like a game or video if it's interesting,enjoyable,funny and makes me laugh,good story and some other things. Plus,I wonder the choice of which dungeon they do is based on the viewers choices. I really want to see that! X3

hahahaha AWESOME!

Could be rushed, but it was very funny, I'll wait for the Newground version (I though it had it! D:). Quality isn't that bad for been a youtube-version, as another fella told, story, jokes and all the background of the chapter has it's quality as usual! I just simple loved the chapter! I'm sure the newground version will be a lot better on graphical level!! [texts are more "readable" on the newgrounds version] I'll wait for it!!

BTW.. send them to the WATER TEMPLE!! XD

thanks for all the effort you've put in this proyect!! al the zelda fans appreciated!

gracias!! saludos desde peru ;)

I liked Episode 9.
I believe that Episode 10 is final.