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Why Four swords 9 isn't on Newgrounds yet and other stuff.

Posted by HadoukenDude - January 27th, 2014

Hey guys Happy New Year. Sorry for the lack of updates. I had my hands full with a part time job since early December, so I haven't made many atm aside from Four Swords 9 being a youtube exclusive.

Here's the thing: Osuka's parts for the episode are ready, but apparently he's been having a lot of technical issues with his internet provider, which was to blame for the delays these last few months. My working schedule was also rather complicated and couldn't work my way around it either. As much as I wanted to get the episode ready before the end of 2013, he was having trouble with his internet, so I had no choice but to upload a last minute rushed version on my youtube channel last month just to get most of the impatient fans off my back. Despite how well received the story was in my channel (thankfully), I find it frustrating that some people just don't give a damn about quality or the issues that happen behind the scenes...oh well. :/

That being said, there will be a completed version uploaded soon once this technical issue is settled, which includes several medals and the ending credits. There are still things I haven't shown yet from episode 9.

On a side note, Youtube's new copyright policies have been pissing me off, just like everyone else. so much that I had to re-edit some of my episodes on my channel to prevent anymore issues

As for the future of the series, I do have an Idea of what to work with in the next installment, but currently I feel like I only have like half of the script's concept ready. so if you have any ideas I can use, feel free to post them on the comments below. I appreciate the fan feedback.

Also aside from Four Swords, I will be continuing with other side projects and maybe a few more vlogs in my channel every once in a while. Currently I'm developing a short sketch based on Final Fight and I'm planning on some additional sketches for Harvest Mooned vol.2. I'm open to other suggestions too so feel free to post other projects that I can work on.

As for voice actors, I get them a lot, so send me a demo reel of what you can do and I might get in contact with you.

Till next time.


Comments (7)

I'll try to send yu a demo, TRY

Here's Youtube's copyright policy: If there's something that belongs to someone else, even if you have permission to use such things, then you have no rights to post the video what-so-ever and you should just curl up and die like the little shit you are.

Isn't the law great guys?

Well,at least I already know that the saga is still alive,thank you for telling.

Unlike some impatient or really eager fans of the Four Swords series waited for each episode with anticipation in good way. Other fans and myself included really do care about what holds you and your Four Swords cast up with each episode. But all the wait is well worth it. I wrote this to show that there are all your fans in some form or another appreciate what you go through. So keep at it and good luck.

That really sucks that many of your fans got rather impatient just because they simply want to see Four Swords Misadventures 9, some of those people just need to learn to be more patient because if they won't the easy way they will *the hard way*.

That said, I don't care how long it takes for you to one day release the Newgrounds version of Four Swords Misadventures, the reason is simple, it will be done when it gets done, I care not how long I have to wait so as long as it's becoming finished to be shown right on Newgrounds itself.

The one thing I care so is so as long as its still doing well, for some of those impatient fans reading this, I hope you all learn patience one way or another!

Do you work now on 4 swords misadventures 10?

I'm trying to, but if you haven't noticed on the news, my country (Venezuela) Is close to starting a civil war here with the current protests.

I am happy as long as there's an update once in a while. I'm waiting to see FSM9 until the "full version" is available, but it's good to hear that you're already thinking about 10. Also, thanks for not rushing it because of the noisy few.