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Explaining my absence plus other things

Posted by HadoukenDude - November 28th, 2014

Hi all. Yes I'm still alive.

First off, I want to apologize over my 6 month hiatus from the site. As you can see, I have dedicated more time on my actual office job than my old flash hobby. so much that it has been rather time consuming and I  have been feeling burned out these last few months, considering the ongoing political unrest that has been happening over here in Venezuela this year.  Long story short, to quote Rocky Balboa: "The older I get the more stuff I got to leave behind, that's life!"

Second , Like i mentioned before, I have been having Mac issues since my hard drive crashed on me, again. No joke. it happened twice in  4 months and now I have it running on an external 1TB hard drive. Don't know for how long. that and my current laptop is more of a business machine due to the eMachine's graphically limited hardware.  so at some point I'll have to get myself a better laptop to work on flash


Third, for those who aren't aware, Four Swords Episode 9 has been available on youtube for nearly a year now. See the episode below

Also there was the planned ending that as made for the episode, thanks to Osuka and Memphiston for their Collaboration. I'll see when the NG version will be up. There were also some hidden features in the project, but the impatinet fans kinda spoiled it...


For those wondering if the series will continue, well, I haven't touched on the subject much, but fans want me to keep it going. I'd like to continue but my current job has been rather life-altering these last 7 months, so I have more important things to work on. Though I'm not cancelling the project altogether, I'm just saying that i don't have the time that I used to now... also I should point out that the series is officially 10 years old a little over a month ago http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/199847. It's late to mention this I know, none the less I never expected to have such a cult folloing that I am thankful for and I enjoyed the feedback from it.


Episode 10's script has been in development hell, so I chose to get back on it with some additional help.  i do plan on bringing back the cast again. I'll keep you posted sometime about it.



One last thing, during my hiatus I felt inspired to add a new non-profit Youtube channel called the Nostalgic Newgrounder Channel  It is dedicaded to the random hidden gems that made this site so awesome to visit over the years, but have been obscured and overshadowed by Youtube. I am aware that this is kind of a no-no, but sometimes you have to break the rules in life. Each flash will be properly credited and the channel's intention is to promote the site as well as the authors and their creations.  I want to think of myself as a NG Goodwill Ambassador, if you will. I'm open to suggestions if you want me to promote an author's work and share it with the people who are missing out on what made Newgrounds what it is. A community full of creative and original content that predated youtube.


That's all I have to say for now.


Thanks for your time and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


PS: One last thing I forgot to mention, I lent my voice for an Android game called Jump 'n Sheep Made by Ideas House studios.  one of the guys that worked on the project is a fellow Newgrounder Chemscobra, an old buddy of mine.  It's a simple yet fun and addicting game, so check it out, we would really appreciate it.

Comments (8)

It's been a year and you never thought to submit this to Newgrounds? Come on man

Seriously though hope you had a nice thanksgiving too

like I stated before I've been having hardware and software issues, I'll post the flash someday.

Okay okay that was rude I appologize >.>

If you're looking to get a voice actor, I'm available to voice act. I've took some practice with my friends who were making a videogame. :o just saying is all.

When will be Episode 9 out on Newgrounds?

When i find the time i will upload it.

Do you work now Episode 10?

yes it is developing.

How many episodes will having in totally FSM series?

I will keep it going as far as I can.

Merry Christmas!
What is percentage on FSM 10?

Great to hear you're back in business (albeit a bit slower than before). I can't wait to see the NG version of FSM9 and whatever easter eggs you've thrown in. Good luck in finding the time for finishing FSM10!

P.S. Happy New Year!