So, TriForce Heroes...

2015-10-18 22:39:59 by HadoukenDude

 Hey, so what are your thoughts on Four Swords -1, I mean, Triforce Heroes? I actually  know one guy who is not a happy camper about it...429002_144522183771_Screenshot_2.jpg And yes, Four Swords Misadventures 10 will hopefully be ready before the end of the year. Please give it time.

Update: Give it a bit more time. Hopefully mid to late February. Sorry about the delay.


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2015-10-18 23:17:10

Pretty bizarre that it's only three links this time. Looks pretty interesting to me, and I like how the health is shared between players. I also really like that you can wander off in the room by yourself and you aren't stuck sharing the same screen. The different costumes looks pretty cool too. Hope that totem stuff isn't too repetitive, but I'll bet it'll get a bit stale before too long hahah. Overall, it looks fun, but only if you have a couple friends to game with you.


2015-10-19 05:06:39

The game is fun, however, 40€ is just ridiculously overpriced.


2015-10-19 09:07:07



2015-10-21 11:19:51

well i remember the game where u could play as the 4 swords men which was for the gameboy advance, but i couldnt play it with my friends because it required a wire but am sooo looking forward to this because it seems fun.

but am still waiting for the one on the WiiU which will be a great open word Zelda game :/


2015-10-29 12:01:20

Purple: What am I supposed to do?!

Blue: Watch and learn, newbie.

Purple: Hey, don't call me a noob!

Red: Shut up, noob!


2015-11-27 18:02:34

did you see mortal kombat mishaps,i saw female fighter's boobies that was sexuality


2016-02-23 02:17:45

It's amazing but the people on there are just atrocious. They'll leave midgame if you choose a stage they don't like.