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The animation and setup was great, the ending was kinda predictable though. Who hasn't made that joke in the RE games already?

Great movie. stuffed with references too. Though most of the stuff Vegeta did threw me off a bit. I guess Vegeta being the drunken slacker who's a shadow of his former self was the whole point for the episode. Also I do have to question Vegeta borrowing Goku's mannerisms and his signature move, but I'll give it a pass since it's a parody and all. On a nother note: DB Evolution reference? Really? well, I acknowledge it being laughably bad and I get your take on it.

Anyway I do like how this was interconnected with the last few episodes and shows the other side of the story, that was fun. Thanks for continuing this series after the third one. I've been following it ever since.

I love being me! Everydays is a blessing.

While it lacks in animation, it makes up for it in humor.

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Good game though I seem to be having issues with the glitchy goalie mechanic. when I make him jump one way he does, but for some reason moves backwards while jumping. He jumps left, but flies the other way.

Here are my thoughts. though it has a nice presentation and graphics, it suffers from frustrating lag issues. Also, I found that the controls felt really tight and considering that I was having framerate issues, it's hard to steer properly without crashing constantly into walls. A Brake button would have been helpful as well. This has no sound nor music and I know you already established this. None the less, this also hurts its score.

A game like this in my opinion is obviously meant for more advenced computers considering that my laptop is rather old. I can see effort in this, but overall it deserves more of a polish.

Addictive song, addictive meme, addictive game.

The game is pretty fun overall. I can't get the song out of my head ever since the first time I heard it. My only minor complaint is the control. It shouldn't be about just moving up and down. It would've been more challenging if you could control Nyan Cat in all four directions.

Aside from, that it's worth playing. Well done.

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I love the tropical feel of this track, this song is exactly what I'm looking for in a scene that I'm working on. I'd love to use it.

Orchestrated.....FOR AMERICA! Go home an be a Music man!

Yeah you get the idea... Anyway nice cover. Might need some clashing symbols in some parts to make it sound more epic though.

Dark and eerie. The first thing that comes to mind while listening is a lab experiment gone wrong. I like the atmosphere.

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Awesome SF IV reference.

Deberias enviarselo al Nerd para que lo vea.

You should send it to the Nerd so he can check it out.

Osuka responds:

I already sended to him, He liked the drawing but he havent uploaded yet to the Fan Art section of Cinemassacre

you can also visit me on facebook: vjfiori. Some of my popular flashes are now available on youtube, my username there is hitthefloor729. I'm also on patreon! Enjoy Ep. 10

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