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Good game though I seem to be having issues with the glitchy goalie mechanic. when I make him jump one way he does, but for some reason moves backwards while jumping. He jumps left, but flies the other way.

Here are my thoughts. though it has a nice presentation and graphics, it suffers from frustrating lag issues. Also, I found that the controls felt really tight and considering that I was having framerate issues, it's hard to steer properly without crashing constantly into walls. A Brake button would have been helpful as well. This has no sound nor music and I know you already established this. None the less, this also hurts its score.

A game like this in my opinion is obviously meant for more advenced computers considering that my laptop is rather old. I can see effort in this, but overall it deserves more of a polish.

Addictive song, addictive meme, addictive game.

The game is pretty fun overall. I can't get the song out of my head ever since the first time I heard it. My only minor complaint is the control. It shouldn't be about just moving up and down. It would've been more challenging if you could control Nyan Cat in all four directions.

Aside from, that it's worth playing. Well done.

Umm...interesting game I guess.

OK ,I praise the effects and the animation, but what makes this game so controversial is it's graphic realism and violence. Yes, it's sick & twisted and all, but this game was obviously made for a MATURE AUDIENCE, not for children. This is all about freedom of speech, no need to bash the site because of this game. Newgrounds is simply hosting it. The only only one responsible for this game is the author who made it.

It sometimes annoys me when the media makes a big deal over something like this when it'll eventually backfire on them. Now because of the publicity this got from Fox News and MSNBC, it's gonna get even more views. Ironic huh?

The reporters seriously need to find something more important to talk about, they look like they're desperately grasping anything they can find for ratings.

Leave this site alone, Fox News. There are worse things than this outside Newgrounds.

After 2 years, you still got it.

Impressive. As a beta tester of this flash, I should mention that this episode went through a lot of changes over the past 2 years. The gameplay and story was readjusted, re-modified and finally polished into perfection.

Though the game and story felt short, it was quite a challenge. It took me a while to finish this game in hard mode. The visual effects were very well done and the animation has it's own unique style. I just hope people don't compare this with Alvin Earthworm's SMBZ. They're both different in their own way.

The voice acting is a new feature and also a welcome edition this time around. During the beta version I was supposed to be voicing a certain character at the end, but you ended up replacing me with another VA (it doesn't bother me, really :P).

Oh yeah, one last thing. Welcome back.

I'll be looking forward to more of your stuff later on. Keep it up.

BlackDevilX responds:

Sup dude! Yeahhh this went through a complete make-over didnt it? Also i was looking for you the day i was making that final scene, but alas i couldnt find ya. Bot you and shard did excellent jobs setting the mood.

And yeah ill try to stick around more on NG XD

I finally made Chuck Norris cry!

The game was hilarious and quite addictive.The character drawings were well done, but it lacked animation.You mostly used motion tweening to give the drawings life,you could've done much more. If that's your style, then it's pretty cool.You chose some great songs to describe the mood of the characters,I especially liked the menu song "Hearts of Fire".
The only problem was that the text was a bit to small at times and I could hardly read it. Overall, it's a lot of fun and deserves a spot on the front page.
Nice work man!

Duck Hunt, Redefined. XD

Excellent game. I never though of seeing Duck Hunt in a World War II atmosphere before. This game is both addictive and challenging and it got me hooked. You made the infamous dog even more annoying than in the NES version by attacking you while you were aiming at the ducks (I hated that damn dog) . The game deserves a spot on the front page.
Very Creative.Congrats man!

This deserves front page!

this is truly a great fighting game. it sorta reminds me of "final fight" and "street fighter".awesome challenge and great gameplay. the combos were cool too. although in my opinion it's missing a few things, like a jump button,some throwing attacks, character selection,and more combos if necesary (maybe i'm asking for too much..).
the game as it is right now is a work of art I congratulate you for putting all your effort in this game. way to go dude!!!!
you should make another one, this rocks!


i love the music!!!!very fast paced and full of adrenaline! and the idea of composing your own songs is pretty sweet!!!!!!from now on this will be one of my favorite flashes. ROCK ON DOOOOODS!!!!!!

this should definately be in the pico collection

I LOVED IT!!!!! me want more

Magna responds:

I certainly hope so. If this gets Daily Feature or Second Place tommorow i think it might. Then after a day or two i'll e-mail tom or something.

you can also visit me on facebook: vjfiori. Some of my popular flashes are now available on youtube, my username there is hitthefloor729. I'm also on patreon! Enjoy Ep. 10

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