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The animation and setup was great, the ending was kinda predictable though. Who hasn't made that joke in the RE games already?

Great movie. stuffed with references too. Though most of the stuff Vegeta did threw me off a bit. I guess Vegeta being the drunken slacker who's a shadow of his former self was the whole point for the episode. Also I do have to question Vegeta borrowing Goku's mannerisms and his signature move, but I'll give it a pass since it's a parody and all. On a nother note: DB Evolution reference? Really? well, I acknowledge it being laughably bad and I get your take on it.

Anyway I do like how this was interconnected with the last few episodes and shows the other side of the story, that was fun. Thanks for continuing this series after the third one. I've been following it ever since.

I love being me! Everydays is a blessing.

While it lacks in animation, it makes up for it in humor.

Great video. So true. The narrator sounds like he's from one of those paid programming commercials, it fits very well.

ZenithQuinn responds:

Hes a good narrator

Think everything looks better in HD? Think again.
Hilariously well done. You should make more.

Jameserton responds:

Thanks! You just made a better description than mine.

Hmm... While I didn't find it hilariously funny, I do give it praise for it's artwork and voice acting. The girl who voiced Sakura sounds just like her VA in SFIV. Though I understand that your main focus was to parody Street Fighter in a Dragon Ball setting, some scenes seemed more like they were based on Bleach or Naruto than Dragon Ball Z.

It's a nice animation overall, but it felt like it lacked a bigger punchline if you were really referencing DBZ in it.

I expected a Pecking Order or blackface joke out of this. It is, however, amusingly uncomfortable for what it is. Nicely drawn too.

Though the flash makes a valid point, I felt that the joke fell rather flat. Nice art though.

On a side note, Nintendo should make another Starfox Game for the Wii U or 3DS. No BS gimmicks, just oldschool gameplay & controls . it's what made the first 2 so much fun.

4TAKEN responds:

Yes we're waiting for a real sequel to SF64... hopes for the future. =/

Beautifly done. This is an interesting take on 2 of the many unknown stories hidden in Majora's Mask. it almost feels canon. The Keaton's voice was a nice touch, sounding mischievous and mysterious at the same time, like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland in a way.

I hope to see more "Keaton Tales" sometime in the future, the idea has potential to explain the many backstories of Termina.

This flash is full of lame puns. I didn't see anything new out of it. Nice try though.

TheGreeNate responds:

You didn't read the description did you? Eh thanks for watchin though.

you can also visit me on facebook: vjfiori. Some of my popular flashes are now available on youtube, my username there is hitthefloor729. I'm also on patreon! Enjoy Ep. 10

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