Remembering and Recommending Old Animes

2012-07-26 10:06:15 by HadoukenDude

Over the years I grew up watching a lot of anime, before it started oversaturating the market and in most countries is largely ignored after animax Failed to gain a worldwide adience (Thanks to Sony) among other issues.

I might as well present a list of anime that I recommend, some of which influenced me over the years.

Saber Marionette J: A story that takes place in another planet starting in the 22nd century. Seven Men from Earth have successfully survived on the planet thanks to advanced human cloning techniques. However women haven't existed in several hundred years, so to make up for that, they created robots with femminine features called marionettes. A young man found 3 of these marionettes that have a special "maiden circuit" which allows them to express human emotion. These Marionette dolls were found shortly before a huge Nazi-like invasion war broke out and they are the only ones strong enough to save their land. I recommend the show since it's part sci-fi, part harem anime and the colorful characters develop well over time.

FullMetal Alchemist: The story of two young Brothers who after uncuccessfully using alchemy to revive their dead mother sufferred horrifying consequences (one boy lost an arm and a leg and the other boy's soul is sealed in a suit of armour), became part of the military in search for the Philosopher's stone in order to return themselves back to normal. I strongly recommend this one. has a blend of child like comedy with some serious adult themes in a sort of steampunk based setting. The series is full of cliffhangers and you get hooked instantly. There are two versions of the show, the latest one is a more faithful adaptation of the manga, but they're both fun to check out.

Crayon Shin-Chan: The story of a six year old boy who apart from being a little perv hitting on older women, is also quite the trouble maker. He makes Bart Simpson look like an honor roll student. for the most part it's a comedy, has its tender moments too and I loved the over the top silliness of the anime.

Red Baron: A mecha- themed anime kinda like power rangers, except that it involves a giant robot fighting tournament in the year 2050 and there's this mysterious organization who wants to know the secrets of the Red Baron Robot an it's Pilot. it has it's campiness, but also has a certain charm to it since it's fun to see robots duke it out.

Neon-Genesis Evangelion: This show is messed up. it takes place in a post apocalyptic world, strange aliens called "angels" are taking over the world, three teenagers are assigned to pilot robots called Evangelions, or Eva for short, to fight these angels, most of the cast have personal traumatic incidents in their lives and the story itself blurs the line between science and religion. At times this Mecha anime can be very graphic and it's a little hard to understand the whole plot, but the Anime is one of the most memorable ones.

Slayers: A Comedy fantasy themed anime, like your typical RPG. It stars a hot headed sorceress, an airheaded swordsman with a light sword (like a light saber), a bubbly sorcerer princess and a chimera sorcerer . the team during the early parts of the series started searching for the Clair Bible which explain all the secrets behind light and dark magic. now for the most part they're mostly bounty hunters the show can get over the top in campiness, but it's hilarious none the less.

Those who hunt elves: the story of 3 humans (a martial artist, an actress and an army brat scholgirl with a tank) are accidentally transported to a fantasy world full of elves. The only way to get back is to find spell fragments that are magically tattooed on female elves. so this means that they have to underss these women to find these fragments. Kinda perverted, but what do you expect from anime?

Gundam Wing: A mecha- themed political drama that talk about fighting an evil empire. plot is a little hard for me to follow. all I know is that the female lead (a princess who discovers her true past later turned into a queen of the world) has her eyes set on one of the Gundam pilots, despite the main character looking and acting mysterious yet very one dimentional. He only focuses on his top secret mission.

Digimon: This series is somewhat overlooked, mainly cause of the bad english dubbing, but at times the series can be either childish or very dark the basic plotline is that a group of kids are usually chosen to enter the digiworld and come across digital monsters who befriends them and they fight evil digimon while at the same time either return back home or protect their city from being destroyed. The plot varies depending on the season, but what got me hooked is the music in the original Japanese dubs. The music makes the transformation scenes EPIC!!

Dragonball : Who doesn't know about it? Do I really need to explain? Just watch it!

Pokemon: initially the anime was fun, but over the years it kept recycling plots over and over. I watch it on occasion ,but it's not as fun as it used to be. the only differences made are that Ash is in another region still striving to become a pokemon master and we keep getting a different female lead after a saga ends. they should have at least let the characters grow up and mature a bit, instead of getting stuck in a floating timeline.

Viewtiful Joe: A comic Book/Movie geek that gets sucked in the movie world. never played the game before, but the show was interesting to watch Not much to say about the whole plot but the show was pretty random for the most part, taking several movie themes and elements and incorporating it to the story.

Well, I guess that's it for now. if you have any to recommend feel free to post it.


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2012-07-26 11:44:27

vewtiful joe:good anime show but terrible game


2012-07-26 13:47:48

I watch Dragon Ball Z , but I really hated the Pokemon Anime, (despite seeing a little of it). I pretty much have not heard of the rest of the shows.

HadoukenDude responds:

I suggest that you check them out. most of these obscure ones on the list are anywhere between 25 to 70 episodes long.


2012-07-26 17:44:42

I only watched the first episode of Fullmetal Alchemist, (because no one else on youtube wants to upload the rest of the english episodes) and I thought it was awesome. Another thing about Pokemon lately is that the pokemon are becoming (or at least the creators are trying to) cuter and cuter as the years go by and I'm sick of it. My mother thought that animes were created by mad atheists and satanists and wouldn't let me watch them. Now she doesn't care anymore and I can get away with watching Yu-Gi-Oh on the internet. :D I wasn't a big fan of Digimon or Dragonball, and most of the other animes I've never heard of before, but I might check them out. Another anime I liked was Wolf's Rain. Again, I only watched the first episode, but I found it wonderful and plan on watching the rest of the series.

HadoukenDude responds:

I'm thinking of checking out wolf's Rain. I was never that into the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. The card game is a little complex for me, though I've played it years ago.

FMA is fun, but at times it can get very graphic.

and yes, the pokemon have gotten annoyingly cuter.


2012-07-27 09:27:15

Have You Heard The Creepypasta"Pokemon Strangled Red Version"? It's Creepy. But Anyways, I Love Pokemon, I Don't Know Why I Don't Like The Dragonball Z 'Episodes' But I Love The Games.


2012-07-28 12:52:36

I watched Fullmetal Alchemist AND Dragonball! (Original, Z, and Z Abridged! Never cared for GT or Z Kai.) And the game Viewtiful Joe was the first thing I played of the series. The English dub of the anime was kind of off-putting.


2012-07-28 15:06:57

Well,you forget Saint Seiya,my bigger brother watched it.

HadoukenDude responds:

I'm familiar with it, but not a huge fan. There are way too many animes to name.


2012-07-29 08:51:42

There's also a movie that was recently released on DVD called Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike that I'm hoping to watch. It really does look interesting.


2012-08-02 13:21:02

oshikuru demon samuri is quite a good anime

(Updated ) HadoukenDude responds:

That's not even a real anime. Silly troll...


2012-08-13 10:16:27

Pokemon used to be good in the anime, but when they went to the Hoe region, it lost fun, how sad is that.


2012-08-14 12:25:09

for Veiwtiful joe,
i played the game, never watched the anime.
i didnt even know it was an anime.
but anyways, i played the f*ck out of that game untill the disk was scratched so bad that it wouldnt load.
great game, very veiwtiful, and i would love to play the second, and mabey watch the anime.
definently worth it dude (i had it for the game cube, idk what other systems it was on)

full metal, watched that last year, read it 2-3 years ago.
its beautiful man, all in all.

out of all the anime i watched as a kid (pokemon and digimon, mom sayed the rest where to adult) i loved digimon more.
season 1 was the best, 2 was good, 3 was the last good one, then i watched season 4, i didnt like as much as the other one. it was like its own diferent show with furmiliur faces. it was good... but it just wasnt digimon to me.
but the first digimon movie, damn, that takes me back a long way.

pokemon, my other childhood.
its great, i go on demand and watch whatever old episodes they have. allways love old memorys, and love the old episodes i never watched. not much to say here, ecept i cry every time i see the butterfree episode.
every damn time.

gundum, never watched.
but my dad got me and my lil bro the game gundum charecter, the one with the ditachible ares, red white and blue, tummy light.
anyways, i used to play for hours as a kid in my room, and the gundum took on a dragonball style story line that lasted 2 years, sevral hours a week, that was bettter then the show could have ever been.
and i never watched dragon ball befor this, so this was just me making up powerfull people and used energy beams and what not.

i dont know any other from your list, and i didnt watch any other anime besides inuyasha, but that was in my early teens, i wasnt really a kid no more.
anyways, thats all i had to say. random insperation to wright (even though i usaly hate wrighting) and nothing else to do led me to wright this essay.
thank you for reading
-hi ace50


2012-08-14 12:26:37

oh, i forgot about yu-gi-oh.
it was great, but then when gx came out, i tryed it, and it failed me.
i still play yu-gi-oh to this day.


2012-08-21 08:41:30

i never played veiwtiful joe but i watched the anime


2012-08-21 08:42:42

i love yu gi oh best show ive seen besides digimon


2012-08-21 08:43:53

5th gen in pokemon is just freakin bland theres a freakin garbage bag pokemon what the hell nintendo


2012-09-27 08:10:31

In the words of Yugi Moto from Yugioh abridged. Yugioh is still a broken exploitable mess of a game.

Anyway I highly recommend the Viewtiful joe game's I have the second one (i think) and it's pretty fun. Sylvia is broken though haha, I managed to beat the game with joe only using sylvia to reach thing's joe can't.
Lot's of upgrades and moves powers/ability's and a arcade like point system that rewards extra point's for being Stylish aka not spamming the same move too often or pulling off team attacks dodging and beating enemy's fast.