Wreck- it Ralph

2012-09-15 10:01:32 by HadoukenDude

Is anybody going to watch this movie? It really looks like a modern day version of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", but in the videogame world.

I want to check it out myself. Looks interesting. It's almost as if Disney visited Newgrounds' Video Game Parodies collection and came up with this idea. Will it work? Who knows? Let's just jope it's worth it.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/embed/btB8tb8fLYM

Wreck- it Ralph


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2012-09-15 10:31:18

I'm thinking about it. I don't go to the theater very often, so it might be a good chance!


2012-09-15 10:40:19

i almost forgot about this movie...thanks...


2012-09-15 10:43:14

Definitely. The trailer sounded amazing and the array of games that are involved is just awesome.


2012-09-15 12:34:37

The trailer wasn't too funny and it felt a little contrived, like the writers were trying too hard to be geeky. I dunno, we'll see.


2012-09-15 13:20:21

Definitely going to check this one out.


2012-09-15 15:30:18

Yea i'm totally gonna see this. It screams Retro and nostalgia


2012-09-15 15:51:37

Y'know, I've heard the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? comparison before, but other than sharing the idea of having a world entirely populated by fictional characters, I don't see it.


2012-09-15 16:32:43

what sort of question is that? Of course I'm going to see it. Its the law for me to watch something like that


2012-09-15 17:29:21

took them long enough, newgrounds users have been doing these type of movies for years :3


2012-09-15 18:57:58

Once the rush and hype has gone over, we're gonna sit back and realize this movie isn't all that fresh or clever. Sure, I'll watch it, but I'm going in fairly sober and think it will turn out like a really unremarkable Pixar movie. Not horrible, but by far not their best.


2012-09-15 22:35:02

I've been waiting for this movie for 2 years! I hope it doesn't dissapoint!


2012-09-16 10:03:53

It's like the "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" of video games! Of course I'm gonna see it. XD


2012-09-16 10:55:47

OF COURSE!!! (M.Bison Face)


2012-09-30 07:25:28

It be very interesting to see how this movie would turn out since Walt Disney is attempting a "Who framed Roger Rabbit" approach. I just hope this movie doesn't turn out to be a major disappointment.


2012-09-30 16:23:24

Ralph: I'm gonna wreck it!!!

Me: I'm gonna see it!!


2012-09-30 20:08:08

will you make another episode of four swords misadventures?

HadoukenDude responds:

Yes, it is currently in production.