Four Swords Misadventures 8 Preview #2

2012-10-01 19:14:11 by HadoukenDude

For those who haven't noticed on my youtube page, I posted another preview clip of the episode that is still currently in production. Click here to see the original version in flash format.

I'm doing my best to get back on things, so this will take a while. This is to prove that the show is still on despite the huge roadblocks I had last year and part of this year. And please, there's no need to compare the delay of my series to the cancellation of SMBZ. I get that a lot. I respect Alvin-earthworm's work and decision to cancel his series, but I'm not here to talk about that.

In the mean time feel free to send me demo reels if you want to be part of the show. Either mail them to me at or you can link me to the ones you posted in the audio portal or on youtube. Who knows? You could be chosen.

I'm also available on skype on occasion, so if you want to chat, feel free to say hi. :)

Keep in mind that I'm not looking for VAs for the current episode, but for the one after it, once I have the script developed of course.

I might post a third preview of the episode considering it's huge length, so be on the lookout for it.
See ya!


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2012-10-01 22:12:57

I was just thinking about this earlier today. Funny how that works...


2012-10-01 23:07:38

if the episode gets to long, split it in two parts, so you dont have all the fans waiting so long

HadoukenDude responds:

Lo puedo hacer, pero algunos estan en contra de la division del capitulo. Luego tomare una decision.


2012-10-02 14:21:08

Hey. I've gotten most of my part done, I'm just waiting on the last few pieces from Kuro. Haven't seen him on in the past week or so though.

Just thought it best to update you in case you were worried I hadn't started yet or something.

HadoukenDude responds:

Hey, good to know. Thanks for the update.


2012-10-02 19:12:12

Ugh! I want to be part of this show, but I don't have the freaking time to do a demo god flapjacks damnit!


2012-10-10 10:23:28

Umm Mr hadouken dude i think i be a good purple jsut saying if thats ok i know you aint looking for VAs atm but i can try for it


2012-10-17 21:07:51

It's great to hear there's progress! I'd love to be a part, but I don't have any headsets/mics. D: Regardless, keep up the good work. Personally, I don't care so much about the wait as long as it's quality and there's an update every once in a while. Surely most of your fans feel the same.