On this day, 10 years ago...

2013-01-09 07:31:32 by HadoukenDude

On this day 10 years ago I became an official Newgrounder. I've seen the site go through various changes and seen friends and animators come and go, but in the end, despite all the ups and downs I went through, I'm still here. Though I acknowledge being a Newgrounder since 2003, I didn't officially start animating until roughly late January of 2004. In short, this post is my way of thanking the NG community for the inspiration and the fans for their long lasting support. Special thanks to Tom and Wade Fulp for introducing me to Flash in this site when I was also just another "dumb kid" at the time. :D And thanks to all those animators who have ( in one way or another) inspired me to keep animating.

As for making more original content apart from making sprite movies, I do have an idea in the backburner, but we'll see.

On another note, regrding FSM 9, I have updated the percentage bar for it. Like I stated on episode 8, this episode's script was split in two since working on a 30 minute flash was too much for me to handle. So I left the second half with most of the audio already mixed, which leaves me to animate the rest. Also to further emphasize that they were both one episode, I will be reusing some of the content from episode 8, particularly the intro. It will help me save a lot of time during production and in the mean time I'm developing the script for episode 10 with some additional help.

That's it for now. Thank you Newgrounds and a big thanks to all the fans!


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2013-01-09 08:27:13

good old times


2013-01-09 09:21:20

Thanks for sticking around for a DECADE! We need some trophies for that.

HadoukenDude responds:

You really need to make them, Tom. XD


2013-01-09 09:25:29

Wow, you're pretty long here.
I hope, I can stick here as long as time can allow me.

Fun Fact: I'm your 5000th fan now.

HadoukenDude responds:

Sweet. Thanks!


2013-01-09 10:28:29

oh wow.so long


2013-01-09 11:47:43

congrats dude!


2013-01-09 14:01:35

Been here 6 years myself. Oldfags represent!


2013-01-09 14:29:05

Just realized my old account is over 12 years old, how the time flies.


2013-01-09 15:03:55

I sighned up here in 2001 and this account will be 12 years old in May.


2013-01-09 23:13:41

I've been here for at least 6 years... never animated a damn thing. I'M SOOOO PRODUCTIVE! :D


2013-01-12 21:15:31

Cool! I didnt know youve been in newgrounds for 10 years!


2013-01-20 20:34:55

I honestly know not how long I've been here. Probably since 5th or 6th grade, which would bring me to about 7 years, or having watched almost a tenth of the number of videos posted on this site between those two dates. I've only ever posted one blog or journal post, and I've done nothing since, besides comment on others' work, and favorite a ton of stuff.

I've still done more here than I have on facebook in twice that time.


2013-01-26 23:52:54

So you're developing the script with some additional help, eh? I wonder who that could be?


2013-02-01 22:08:14

Congrats man! I have similar sentiments regarding Newgrounds and how it affected my life. Thanks for sharing and I hope you'll be around for many more years!

HadoukenDude responds:

Thanks man!


2013-02-06 22:19:06

Mis Felicitaciones,Debe Haber Trabajado Muy Duro.! Espero Que Sigua Trabajando Haci Durante Mucho Tiempo Mas !!! Y Muy Buenas Creaciones.!!!