My new side project: Harvest Mooned

2013-02-07 08:29:35 by HadoukenDude

I started a new mini series called Harvest Mooned, which is simply a parody of the SNES version of Harvest Moon. It's been something I've been wanting to do for a while. Originally, I was going to work on a HM parody for a collab along with Street Fighter: fight or Fetish, but things eventually fell through and I left the collab. So eventually, I decided to reboot this idea and start fresh.

Hoodedcobra will be the voice of Jack, the main character in the game. I also used a clip from DBZ abridged for a particular gag. I gave Lanipator credit for it as well as a shout out to TeamFourStar. You'll see why. Here's a clip:

For now, this will be a youtube exclusive. Later on I'll decide to upload them here too once I have enough sketches for it. If anyone wants to chip in with voice acting or music, send me a message.
I will be making more of these, but I'll keep it short since I know fans are still waiting for Four Swords ep. 9

Til next time!


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2013-02-07 14:28:31

Reminds me a little of Christian Bale's infamous rant on the set of Terminator: Salvation. Good use of the pipe organ to censor the swearing in a humorous way.


2013-02-07 18:22:39

Man this looks good, I can't wait for it XD


2013-02-07 22:12:09

LOL vegeta ringtone


2013-02-07 22:49:05

You know I'm always up for voice acting for you.


2013-02-20 03:33:23

Hmm...maybe I should do an extra series.I've already gotten help from my partner "MasterSonic3"
to do Ultimate Mario and Sonic Bros. Chaotic Color.Now maybe a new series will come for my three past creations!Kashima,Zilla,Jaden in a new series called"Legends of Oshuku"Its about where Oshuku,the creator of Kashima,Jaden,and Zilla, puts together the whole three worlds.By that everyone were in once universe.By the fact that Nightos,DarkLord,and the Nebula are teaming up to take down the CHs,Kronic Tech,and Roblowarriors.Nice huh?