FSM 9 Announcement (if you missed it)!

2013-03-08 11:19:41 by HadoukenDude

Here's the revamped intro done at the request of Kuro-chan. to visit his userpage click here originally this wasn't planned but he insisted in reworking it. The music this time is courtesy of Zelda reorchestrated

as for the episode itself, I stated that I'm aiming for a July release. I don't normally announce dates since it's difficult for me to fulfill them most of the time, but this is basically my STFU to the trolls who expected the next one to be released in 2 years. still, keep in mind that things are subject to change. It will be ready, just give it time.


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2013-03-08 11:31:49

Just a question? How many episodes do you plan on making?

HadoukenDude responds:

I don't have an exact amount planned. I'll keep it going as far as I can.


2013-03-08 16:28:10

HOORAY! The world is saved! <(>.<)>


2013-03-12 10:44:37

No offense...but will this one be better than your last episode? The last one felt a little....rushed and lacked more of your the oomph that the 7th episode had.

HadoukenDude responds:

Keep in mind that it's the continuation of the previous episode's script. I chose to cut this story in half at the request of a few of my coworkers in the project. The main purposes were to basically prove that the show is still on and because making a huge 30+ minute episode proved to be too much for me to handle.

There will be funnier moments in the next one, you just need to get used to it's pacing this time around.


2013-03-20 23:05:55

Cool I agree with green I have a bad feeling to.


2013-04-13 02:38:48

Maybe you should change some things of the voices:
Green:Nothing is wrong with it.
Dark L.:You should try and find somehow who knows evil tensions.
Red:Pretty Nice and funnier.
Blue:Why not change it again?A little bit better than the new one.
Purple:His Voice seems better but lacks meaning.For example put like a bigger pressure.
Uncle Alfon:You should get someone who knows how to do elderly voices.
Thats the things that might have to be changed.