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Four Swords 10 in production and Patreon support

Posted by HadoukenDude - July 16th, 2015

Hi guys. I haven't posted anything new in a while so I might as well keep you up to date about Four Swords 10.

Episode 10 is currently in production and I am aiming for an October-November release at the very latest. Now, keep in mind that in order to make this episode faster, I decided to make some sacrifices.

You see, ever since Episode 6, I have been including original animation in order to have the best of both worlds (original art and sprites) and please my audience ,which is not an easy task. Despite being well received, it has really delayed each episode's development to a point that there's a 1-2 year gap between epsiodes and for that reason I might have to sacrifice quality.  Basically it's either make them faster or make them better . That and voice actors coming, going or even bailing out on me for whatever reason is another issue that causes delays and I lose contact with them . Life gets in the way I guess. I Don't blame them. It happens.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy having original content in my works, but in the last episode, fans pressured me constantly over episode 9 to a point that I had to rush out an incomplete version on YouTube  just because the animated ending based on DBGT wasn't ready.  At that time, I was in between jobs too which meant I had less time to work on things and rushing a project really rubs me the wrong way.

Now of course, I can ask other talented artists to help me out with original animation, but the key factors here are time, interest and availability to help out, otherwise it will cause more delays like specified above.  I'd do it myself, but my artwork is comparable to kindergarden drawings. That's not me saying it, that was a criticism I got after uploading an original drawing in the art portal 3 years ago which I later deleted. I really need to develop my own artstyle.

So what are your thoughts on this? What would be the best decision? Quality or quantity?


Another thing I'd like to bring up is the concept of crowdfunding. Sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Patreon, to name a few, have gotten more popular over the years with a lot of successfully funded projects. I bring this up because I also have a Patreon page. I'm rather new to it and I have gotten paypal donations in the past, so I would like to know if anyone would be interested in funding my work on youtube and Newgrounds.

Now, asking for online donations is a rather touchy subject, though I should point out that me living in a third world country with high inflation and getting layed off from an office job a few months back has affected me recently, so the only thing I got left is my internet content. Which is why I'm getting back on track with making more flashes.

Of course, this is all up to you if you want to help. This is totally optional. if you're not interested that's ok. I would appreciate it if you spread the word to help me keep going.

Feel free to leave your comments below

Thanks for your attention.

Till next time.



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Comments (9)

i think i speak for the majority of your real fans when i tell you we don't maind waiting.
your work has been amazing so far, and you shouldn't feel to pressured by those without patience.
don't get me wrong, i know it's hard not to feel pressure when people constantly bug you to finish something, i'm just telling you to do what feels right, and nothing else.

so to answer your 3 questions:
"So what are your thoughts on this? What would be the best decision? Quality or quantity?"

to all 3 i got the same answer for you:
just do what feels right, make your content the way you want it to be.
it worked so far didn't it?

your work has entertained me thouroughly
and i think you're one of the top 10 content creators here in terms of creative, well written en well executed content.

so please, take your time, i'll wait and i'm sure many others will as well.

and thank you for the update, i was starting to worry you had enough of people bothering you.

fan feedback is good, but don't let it mess with your creativety, it's what sets your work apart from so many others.
just do your thing, like you always have.

Thank you.


And you are in a hurry, why?

Take your time bro. I have endless patience. :)

Hey are you gonna make anymore Mortal Kombat Mishaps?

I'm done with MK Mishaps since 2009. I'm kinda out of ideas for another mortal kombat flash.

What is percentage on Episode 10?

40% so far.

I've been watching these for several years, and I have to say you've been doing a darn good job of it. I really don't care how long it takes (as long as you keep us updated once in a while). Just make sure you keep the work yours, as opposed to a diluted, "getting-it-done-to-keep-Youtube-happy" version and everyone will be happy in the end.

Sometimes the comments get bogged down by the impatient, but they're like wild animals - the more you feed them, the more they want. The true fans are the ones willing to wait for you to be content with your content, and those are the only ones whose opinions matter, anyway, aren't they?

Even although it takes a damn long time!

How much is now percentage on FSM 10?

currently 70%

Personally man I prefer quality over quantity, I am quite possibly the most patient fan of every great animator, whether sprite, stop-motion, or otherwise, in fact some of my favorite content creators release things on scales of one video every two-three years. So if you were to ask me, I would say go for quality, if someone is truly a fan of your work then they would wait for as long as it takes, hell it took alvin-earthworm nearly six years to finally say that he was going to continue his smbz series and I never once gave up hope, so do what you do best and give us all a good laugh and keep up your ever evolving fantastic work.